Life... but not as we know it

A different kind of painting and paper!

For the last few days we’ve been in decorating mode…. not exactly the kind of paint and paper I am most happy with… changing the princess’s bedroom into a more grown up room that features her favourite colour – blue!

So no crafting for me… just plain old hard work from all of us (grandparents joined in today too!).

Although we still have a long way to go on sorting things out and putting things back on her room (ours is a disaster zone) the bulk is done and it’s looking cool!


Love the chalkboard effect wallpaper.


Cute flower lights she had already but they have now moved wall.


Photo frame I did her for christmas is looking good too (along with new bedding and cushions).

So with just (she says so with plenty of irony) the sorting and putting away to be done I might get some crafting done and have some chill time.  I certainly need some!

Happy crafting! 



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