Brushos, Canvas and Mixed Media art, Paperbabe

Art journalling session preparation

Awake still in the middle of the night and have three times tried to sleep but now back on my phone faffing around so I thought I might as well update my blog and post todays project.

This year my friends and I are continuing our art journalling sessions. This time instead of a technique or different media each time and me teaching, it will be a themed based session and everyone can create according to that theme using whatever media I have out and available.  I will provide some inspiration as part of the theme and then people can have a free for all and go with whatever takes their fancy on the night.

The first theme we have is flight.

One of the samples I’ve made is in a journal and two are tags.  The journal spread I am sharing today as it also works for the Mixed Media Mojo challenge of winter and glitter.

I used Paperbabe stamps (newish to me… have had them a while but not used them till now) and a selection of random alphas and words.

The background was created using Brushos (Ultramarine and Lemon) then the image coloured using Brushos again, this time as a more traditional watercolour (light brown and ultramarine and scarlet).  I then used Stickles to add glitter to the angels wings.

Hopefully this will inspire someone at the class.  I will be sharing the tags tomorrow.

Happy crafting!

P.S. now off to count sheep again!

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