PATWITS circle journal… Clare’s journal

Hi lovely blog readers

Today I get to share with you the journal spread I did for Claire in her circle journal.  I was totally inspired by the delicate cover she had done for her journal and wanted to keep some of that delicacy in mine.  This is not something I usually achieve so this was an interesting project for me. This is Claire’s gorgeous cover…

I started by adhering some different papers and ephemera and fabric into the journal to provide a textured surface.  I also added grunge paste through stencils and then added a layer of gesso over the top to knock back the colour.


I love how the edge in the middle has picked up everyone’s colours from the previous pages though.

Next I added brushos randomly around the page in Gamboge and Scarlet.


They are so vibrant when wet… but hang on what about the delicate look… well I knew that on top of gesso the colours fade and pastelise  (is that even a word) as they dry!  So this was, for once,  a deliberate choice! 
I decided I wanted to try a face for Claire’s journal too… so as I am not the best at drawing I grabbed the Paperbabe templates and started sketching.   It was about now I realised that a highly textured surface is not the easiest to draw on.  I then used more brushos this time as a watercolour pigment to add some colour and shading.


I only used scarlet and light brown to get to this stage.  I wanted only the warm colours on the page (although there is still blue from the fabric I used).

Then I set to with stamping.  I used a Sepia Archival and a brown felt tip for adding definition to the girl and round the title.  I stamped the title on a piece of cardstock separately to be able to cut it up and put it on the page as separate words.


I used a selection of different Paperartsy stamps for the stamping… Ellen Vargo and Clare Lloyd mainly though.

I decided that the grunge paste needed defining a little more and some of the stamping needed pushing back a little.  So I used a baby wipe to add a little more gesso in places, and then used treasure gold Ruby on the texture paste areas.


My final touches were some drops of copper acrylic ink which adds a little bit of richness to the page alongside the treasure gold.


This is the final page in the natural light.  I love how this turned out.  So different from my usual style and so pretty.  Hope Claire likes what I created for her.

Happy crafting!


One thought on “PATWITS circle journal… Clare’s journal

  1. Great walk through of your pages, really loved Clare’s cover as well. Think there my colours which bleed through lol xx

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