Final spread in PATWITS circle journal #1

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So today I am sharing the final spread I have done in our first PATWITS circle journal.  This one was for the fabulous Clare Lloyd (a Paperartsy designer none the less) who is brilliant at painting faces… so why not set myself a massive challenge and do a face for her journal?

She had asked for bright and cheery…


Yes its almost glowing it is that bright!  I used Distress stains for the background yellow and coral colour.  Then white paint through a stencil, Bora Bora paint through stencil and silver paint through a stencil.  The honeycomb is ink through another stencil and then I added lines using the edge of a credit card.   I stamped using some Paperartsy Darcy mini stamps to create the wiggly banner across the middle.  I added some paint to that later on too.


Next I used the Paperbabe stencil to draw the shape of the hair and originally was going to go for a profile face…. It didn’t go well when I got to that though.   I have a thing about doing hair in not natural colours for these girls… think the blue is far cooler!  And I love the contrast against the orangey background. 


Next I decided to add hearts… It is nearly valentines after all!

I did these on separate paper.  Coloured using the distress stain and then cut out and mod podge to adhere them.


I then started adding some black to the girl… mainly because the face had gone horribly wrong and so I needed to have a change of plan… so now, more hair and a front facing face.


I also added some shading round the hearts to define them using some grey paint.


I then started with my black pen, adding more depth to the hair and outlines and added in her features.  Not a complicated face and nothing like what Clare creates.  I then attacked the page with the white paint pen too. 


Next up a quote.  Needed something about love but wanted it to be more about self respect than lovey dovey love.  This one worked for me.


So this is the final piece.  Some additional doodling and outlining.  Very happy with how this turned out.



Hopefully Clare is happy with how I did my page. 

We are hoping to start another journal some point soon too… Some newbies joining us too I hope, although sadly at least one of the original group is dropping out for this round.

Today I am up early to go to a class over in Harrogate with some of my raggydoll sisters from my first circle journal, and meeting in real life for the first time two of the patwits circle journallers. Excited for a day of art but sad as one of my raggydoll sisters is poorly and had to pull out of coming last night. 😟

Will no doubt post again later with news of my day!

Happy crafting!



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