Pebeo fantasy paints

New pots of magic!

Uh oh! I bought something new! It was in the sale at half price so I picked them up without really going through the conversation in my head of the fact I don’t need more supplies!  But at less than £10 for 12 pots of fun, who can blame me?

So what are they? Well they are Pebeo fantasy mixed media paints.  I bought the Moon and the Prisme sets of six in each box.  They are an oil based reactive liquid paint.  They are very odd and smell horrific … defintely not for using for a long time in an unventilated room.

I watched some you tube videos when I got them home and then wondered how on earth I would use them as the demos seemed to be using them for jewellery or for in a special lipped canvas tray thing.  I just wanted to use them in a journal and hadn’t realised how liquid they would be.  Ho hum!

I decided to just take the plunge and grab a canvas board (I found many in my tidying up/sort out) and start dribbling them onto the board.


These are all the prism ones (three colours).  These are meant to transform into a honeycomb finish when they set (takes between 24 and 72 hours to be set).  The moon ones provide more of a glimmer and ridge type look I think.  I added some of the moon in the dark blue.


You can see the reaction that adding the blue had.  I then set it aside and watched another you tube video where it explained that it you put the two types together, the moon effect will take over so that may not have been advised.

Anyways I kept looking at it as it was setting and taking pictures to show how it changed over the time.




This was how it looked after 30 mins and there is hardly any prism effect left.  I loved what it looked like though and was sad I couldn’t watch it any further but I had to leave it and go cook tea and spend time with the family.  I was also pondering at this stage how I might use it? And what other uses I might have for this glorious paint.

A couple of hours later I stole back into the craft room for another look…


The glaze of the paint is brilliant, and of course very difficult to photograph. All of the Prisme had gone and instead it really does start to look like something out in a far away galaxy. Still not sure what to do with it. Put it down and left it for the night.

Next morning there wasn’t as much change… but this picks up the shine.


I then left it for another couple of days to finish setting completely. I kept looking at it… completely unsure what to do next. Decided to go crazy!

Blue Dylusions… sprayed into a box in an attempt to keep it from going everywhere!

Wiped off the Pebeo paint…. then a Paperartsy stencil and white Dylusions spray.

This is before I wiped off the white.
Left it to dry overnight and completely unsure still what to do with it!

And this is how it has stayed. I have drawn a blank and also not sure that the blue works with the colours in the Pebeo paints. I have now added a layer of Teal Dylusions… This colour looks slightly better.

Will ponder some more … let me know if you have any bright ideas!

Happy crafting!



2 thoughts on “New pots of magic!”

  1. Amazing process, great that you documented it. Looking at your last photo, I can see a woman’s head looking down into the left hand corner. Ideas? Maybe stencil/stamp words or number in subtle colour? Glad youhad fun!

    1. Others have also seen the head too. Can’t believe I didn’t until they said. Thanks for the ideas… now I’ve seen the head I think a quote might be applied that works with the head…. still ruminating but love the idea of more stencilling too.

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