Use them or lose them #7 Tap tap tap

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So this year I have decided to challenge myself to make a set of cards, scrapbook page or journal layout using each of my stamp sets as I know I have some I rarely use!

This is actually a new set I am trialling for the first time and I already can tell that this is for keeps! I can see me using a couple of the stamps quite often when art journalling, never mind it making some cool cards.

I started with some scraps from the desk… If I keep this on the desk I tend to use them!



I kept both cards similar… Stamped on the card blank to provide the border down the right hand side. Stamped in soft sky to get a faint alphabet on the middle panel and then stamped and cut out the typewriter.  I then added a little watercolour to it to give it some colour.


The envelope I kept quite simple just stamping the alphabet out again in the soft sky.

This is defintely a keeper!  No loser here!

Happy crafting!


Guess what I’ve been using this past couple of weeks a lot…. patterned paper! So this is also being entered in the Craftyhazelnuts patterned paper challenge.

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