Homework using the gelli plate

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My princess had America as her topic this term at school and last week’s homework was to create a piece of artwork inspired by Andy Warhol.  I immediately realised that the gelli plate would be a great tool for her to use to do this.

Here is the artwork that was our muse…


So we started with a picture that I turned black and white and printed out several times.  I also flipped the image and printed that several times too.  This way we would be able to make masks.


First she cut herself out and then we used the faces as masks.  I had put the gelli plate on the mega mount and on top of one of the reversed prints so we could line it up accurately.  Then each part was painted and printed.  All of them were her own colour choices, I just helped line things up a bit.


Next we cut out the hair from one of the spare pics and used the surround as the mask. For some unknown reason she chose green hair!


Then it was time for the face.  We did attempt to mask eyes and mouth unsuccessfully so we decided to sort that later as we could still see them through the flesh coloured paint.


We also attempted eye shadow, just like Marylin to some interesting results.  We then left it to dry and we cleaned up the paint and gelli plate.

A few days later I grabbed some tracing paper to show the princess how to outline her face and finish the picture off… she then did it on the actual picture.
You can see my outline on the left differs from how she finished hers off. But I still think she did a fabulous job. She’s pleased with it and hopefully the teachers like her interpretation of Marilyn.

Happy crafting!


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