Canvas and Mixed Media art, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Lin Brown, Masks/Stencils, Undefined stamp carving

Mail art fun

After the mail art swap for Mini Marvels I got a bit of a bug for decorating envelopes and sending random happy mail.  The response from people getting these random pieces of prettiness through the mail has really made me so happy!

So I started playing with paint on another 4 envelopes and kept them all similar although none are identical obviously.


Here is the back of the envelope.  I used the fresco finish paints and the Lin Brown woodcut stamps from Paperartsy.  I also used some stencils which are the Emma Godfrey ones.


Love the colours and the different layers of pattern and colour.


This is the front of the envelope.  Again plenty of colour and pattern and texture and the swirl stamp is one I cut myself which works well as a background.


Think I might use a little bit of white paper for the address to make sure it is readable for postie and add a little message for the recipient’s on the back.
Loved this free experimentation with paint and stamps over the couple of nights I did these.

Happy crafting!


1 thought on “Mail art fun”

  1. loving your experimental art Catherine – I think you probably will make the postman happy too when this is posted! : ) I’ve been loving making backgrounds lately – wondering what to do with my papers if i really get into this lol hugs judith x

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