Canvas and Mixed Media art, Gelatos, Faber Castell, Indigo Blu, Masks/Stencils

Finishing off art journal session stuff!

Last art journal session with the gang I started a background.  Then over the next day I created a tag for the topper.  Now it is time to finish the page off and share it with you.


This how the background finished after playing with gelatos during the art journal session and of course some paint splatters.


Next I add some clock stamping and started on the tag to add to the front.


I was particularly keen to try out the glass bead gel I had bought. 


This was the dried effect.


I added a wash of colour and wiped it back a bit.


This meant the beads were shiny again through the paint.

Next it was time to play with finishing touches…


Some more paint bits and pieces through stencils and with the credit card.  Plus a bit of colour to the feature clock.

The theme for homework was TIME… I think I fulfilled my own brief!

Happy crafting!



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