A month in the life!

On the last day of February, the Project Life App was released on Android.  I already had it for my ipad but as all my pictures are taken on my android phone I never used it.  I decided that I would give it a try at the beginning of March and I ended up using it everyday, even if I didn’t take pictures. 

It has helped me to note the things that happened each day, how my mood was, take notice of achievements and teamed with using the hash tag #happythings on Instagram feel grateful for my life.  It coincided with me returning to work after a period of sick leave and has really helped.

Not sure if daily use will continue but I love the fact I managed a month of using the app on a daily basis and creating a record of life for a month.  Here is a quick run down of the pages I created.








Didn’t always represent good or the positive times but did try to be positive in my reflection even when acknowledging the things that weren’t good. I think that is important to note.

Have you tried a scrapping app before? I’ve done digi scrapping and I’ve made real pocket page layouts but decided I didn’t want to do the project life … I decided that it wasn’t for me… but this is such an easy app to use and not too pricey to get kits etc. So think it might be something I will use for a while to come!

It will be interesting to see if the print element ever works in the UK too… In the meantime if I ever feel the need to print them I guess saving them as pictures will be the way forward!

Happy crafting!


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