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Another page in my Paperartsy challenge journal.  The theme for this time is Art Dolls. I didn’t think that this would be good for my art journal as a theme but then the design team provided lots of fabulous inspiration both 3d and 2d so I figured it was more than possible to play along after all!


I started with wiping off a stencil and using some leftover paint from the palette from another project.   I used a credit card to scrape the paint around.


Again more left over paints scraped across the pages, including the lush copper.  I then added distress stain to colour the rest of the pages.

At this point I didn’t know where I was going with the page so time to take stock and decide on a direction!

I decided that the art doll I wanted to create used some collage elements from a magazine so started flicking through the mags I had saved for such an occasion and cut out eyes, nose and mouth for the face and did cut out a body and a word that took my fancy.

But then my thoughts went completely mad!

I stamped and coloured some pieces of Kim Dellow stamps…. can you see what I can see here?

Well I could see a funny looking man…

He’s looking a bit disjointed here but that changes when I add in the legs and neck.

So not at all a magazine collage…. so the page starts to take shape a bit more.

I had some glass bead gel left over from another project that had been coloured with some Brusho pigment so I used this through a stencil on the edge of the other page.

This is whilst it was still drying.

Anyway next time I worked on it it all got finished in one go without stopping for pictures. I drew in the legs and neck and added the shading. Then started with the title and some edging.


Here are some close ups…



Not sure it’s the best page I’ve ever done but love it… especially my funny man! He just needs a name so have a think and let me know your ideas.

The next challenge is fabric hardener so got my thinking cap on for how to tackle that one… oh and whilst I remember must date and note the theme of art dolls on this page!

Happy crafting!


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