Canvas and Mixed Media art, Masks/Stencils

Sample for art journalling session

The theme for this month’s art journalling session is Seasons and or weather.  I figured they went hand in hand when suggested by group members.

I made a few samples as per usual but only sharing one here today but will share the others at another point soon. If people follow me on Instagram or FB they will probably have seen snippets of this already.

This one I made in one of my smaller journals. 


This is how the page started as I had been using it to wipe off stencils and use up texture paste etc so it certainly wasn’t a blank canvas to start with.  I added a little gesso but not much (again I was just using up what I had on my palette from another project. 


Then I grabbed the distress crayons.  These are similar to gelatos but more creamy and the colours are gorgeous.  I have a set of brights. After scribbling in blocks I used some water to blend them a little. 


Then wanted to see how they reacted to baby wipes and smeared them a bit more. (Just realised this is an upside down picture… ooops).

In keeping with the weather theme I wanted to use the Clarity stencil with the umbrella lady and child. I used black gesso and a sponge to create the silhouette.


I also added some lines and splatters with the black gesso.

Now I wasn’t sure I wanted both pages to connect completely so I started with the quote for this page first…


Next I moved to the other page and kept the style similar but a different quote…


I decided the pages both needed something else… so I used the glass bead gel to fill the clouds on both pages and left it to dry overnight

The next day it was sunny (how ironic!) so I managed to get some pics showing the colours and the sparkle of the glass beads.


Can’t express how delighted I am with these pages. Think they are my favourite creation in quite some time. They bring absolute joy to me!

Hope that they help inspire the gang tonight and will pop back later to share what they created.

Happy crafting!


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