Getting bright with Dylusions

My Dylusions journal has had all sorts thrown at it… but rarely Dylusions.  I just don’t use the sprays often at all.  I think even though I have no issue with being Inky fingered Cat they are so messy and unpredictable.

Anyway I felt inclined to play and this time grabbed sprays and not paints.


Here is where I started. An image from the Vogue colouring book I cut out and coloured with watered down ink.  And a page where there were several wipe offs and some texture paste finished off.


So out came the Dylusions… First issue is that the spray nozzle on the yellow is no longer working so instead spread the ink with a brush over the page (and got a fairly yellow hand in the process too).


After that I just got busy with sprays, stencils and colour!  I completely forgot about the process pics thing and wasn’t even thinking of an eventual outcome. I just played! Pretty much like Carolyn Dube advocates (I’ve been watching a lot of her youtube videos)… I gave myself permission to play.

So the above is a cacophony of spray inks, distress inks and a bit of black Dylusions paint too. Then I added the image using matte medium.


Next up was stamping and adding the title that seemed to make sense to me at the time…. yes my own lettering which is unusual and adding some bold outlines to the picture which made it slightly more like a cartoon I suppose but makes me think it is more part of the page now too.

So my Dylusions page is definitely colourful and so were my hands at the end.  Will I buy anymore sprays… unlikely … I’ve decided that paints and the brushos are just easier to use… and a bit easier on the hands.

Having said all that I still love the vibrancy of the Dylusions…. just not the spray element so will continue to use them up!

Happy crafting!


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