Brushos, Claritystamps, Indigo Blu, Lavinia, Use them or Lose them, Watercolor wash

Use them or lose them #18 project #2

So this year I have decided to challenge myself to make a set of cards, scrapbook page or journal layout using each of my stamp sets as I know I have some I rarely use!

This week I chose to use the Watercolour wash and shared some reasonably fussy shabby chic style cards on Sunday. This time I was inspired by the card class I held last week and went for a Brusho stamping technique instead based on something Helen had suggested.

I tapped out the colours in a rainbow/colour wheel sequence, then spritzed water.  I then stamped the stamp into the colourful puddle and then stamped directly onto the card blank. 


I changed the order slightly for the second and third cards at the bottom as I need the colour to cover more of the stamp and this time got a bit more coverage.  The stamp itself is sketchy and also the extra water means it doesn’t have the colour all over but slightly puddles.   But for this stamp this was perfect!  Three backgrounds done and dusted in a matter of moments.

To finish off I grabbed different stamps and my black Versafine (important to make sure the card is completely dry when stamping to stop bleeding!).

First one was made for my work friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday.


Used Claritystamps and the sentiment from Sky’s the Limit stamps.

Next a card made on behalf of my parents for my great niece who turns 6 in a few weeks time (I’m ahead on my orders for my parents for once!).


This time Lavinia stamps for the fairy and stars, skinny alpha for the name and 6 and the sentiment is an old Blonde moments one.

Finally a card for the stash…


Indigo Blu stamp is just perfect for the colour wash rainbow!

Love all of these, pleased I remembered Helen’s idea and these quick cards were so easy and fun to do!  Love brushos!

Confirmed as well that this stamp is going nowhere!  Definitely a keeper!

Happy crafting!


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