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Use them or lose them #20

So this year I have decided to challenge myself to make a set of cards, scrapbook page or journal layout using each of my stamp sets as I know I have some I rarely use!

This week I have nothing prepped in advance which is unusual so decided to play in my dylusions journal and see where my muse too me.  I turned out that I was off to a secret garden!


The page has this print from a stencil on it to start it off.


Then some paint scraped over it.  Bora Bora and South Pacific fresco paints.


Now here comes the stamp set… Secret Garden. A lovely mix of line art and solid flora stamps.  These are the solid ones stamped using some thinned out paint so quite translucent.  Definitely the start of a pretty garden.

I decided to add more layers of stamping and added some touches of distress crayon around the edges too.


Next I picked up the line art stamps and added some stamping with those.
I decided they didn’t stand out for me enough and I wanted to add some doodling too.

So out came the Indian ink and white paint pen… and no more pictures until I had finished!

A lovely bright page full of fun. I really enjoyed doing this.

I must admit I’ve not used the line art flowers in quite some time so going to try and use them for the next project. The solid stamps are great for stamping with paint so think this set might be staying put!

Happy crafting!


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