Canvas and Mixed Media art, Masks/Stencils

Doodling for joy!

The challenge this fortnight at Paperartsy is Doodling and scribbling and I decided to have a play on a journal page I started at the weekend and refuse myself any stamping for this one!


The page had some wiped off stencil on it and I added the rainbow of colours using cut and dry foam and the paints left on the palette from other projects.

Next I used a charcoal pencil to draw swirls and the border. Swirls are my favourite thing to doodle as are dots which also made an appearance.

Then I painted over the swirls loosely using Indian ink and a brush.  This gave a darker and more permanent finish to the swirls and border.


I decided I wanted a white border so painted it in with a couple of coats of gesso.  Then gave a thick black gesso line for the border.  I then dotted white gesso in the border to soften it up.  Then as this was the word that spoke to me I painted Joy in black gesso across the page.


Next I took a white gelli roll pen and added another swirl around the page and some outlining for the word.

Finally some hanging hearts doodled in too. I then added a little bit more stencilling as I didn’t think it was quite there until I did that.  Now truly… joyful!


So this is for the Paperartsy challenge…. really should get thinking about my challenge journal and get cracking on that.

Happy crafting! 


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