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Mini Marvels – altered playing cards

My friend Chris, who organises us for the Patwits circle journal also runs a fb group called Mini Marvels,  where it’s all about small artwork.

A while ago I participated in a mail art swap and this last month I’ve done an altered playing card challenge too.

We had to alter 9 playing cards (ATC size) and then swap them, and in return we get 9 back and then have to bind them and share them. 

I decided 9 individual designs was a bit much completely from scratch so instead went for two different background designs and went from there…

All the cards (I made 12 in total in case of distress! ) got a coat of black gesso.


Then a strip of book print which wraps round and covers some of the back too.  This is when I realised the gloss finish to the cards may present an issue in terms of getting the paint to adhere. Ah well I decided to plough on.

One got a pink, purple and pale blue background… and some more gesso.


By this time the paint was adhering better.

The others I went with blue and green and cream…


In both cases I used Darcy’s stamps from Paperartsy.

By now I had started to separate out the cards and it was more that I had 10 good cards to play with rather than the 14… the others will get finished at some point though!

I then realised I would want to do something to the backs so they got a coat of black gesso too … which invariably ended up on some of the fronts too as I am such a messy crafter!

Next I stamped some of the Darcy images onto tissue paper, coloured them with ink and adhered them.


Yes by this time I am down to 10 cards due to various little messes! So time to individualise them…
This one I added a printed little phrase off and also added Dream stamp from Clare Lloyd in the background. A little bit of doodling and some stickles. No 1 done!

This time I stamped in white and then black for the sentiment and added stickles to the key and edged the card with white. No 2 done!

This one I over stamped the whole card with the Darcy stamp then added the printed phrase. No 3 done!


This one I added the compass type stamp and a printed phrase then added some touches of glitter glue. You guessed it… no 4 done!

No 5 is a bit different…. yes I took one of the ones without the key that I had thought was no good and added the Clare Lloyd face stamp… and again on bookprint. Perfect!

Painted the hair and details and added the sentiment and some glitter glue dots. No 5 done!

Now for the other backgrounds…

This needed some leaves (Darcy ones) and the sentiment (Hot picks) and some black edging. No 6 done!

This one I added the word stamping and then the Bird from Hot Picks in white gesso first and then in black. Then added the sentiment from the Hot Picks set. No 7 done!


More birds and grasses. The birds are the Kim Dellow cute ones and the grasses are Darcy ones. Super cute!
No 8 done!

And finally!


Added the flying birds from Darcy’s stamps and then the Hot Picks collage type stamp onto book paper and then stamped Fly on to it.

So here is the full set…

9 different but similar cards.

The backs are all black gesso with a stencilled design on them… ready for people to do as they wish with them.

And here is the collection I received!

Aren’t they fabulous? Love each of them. Now just got to dream up a way of displaying/keeping them to finish off the challenge.

Happy crafting!


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