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Doodling for my Paperartsy journal

This year I am following all the challenges on the Paperartsy blog and making a page in a journal just for these challenges.   The latest theme is doodles and scribbles and I have been loving all the inspiration.

I decided for my page to use a stencil as the guide for my doodles and chose the star stencil which I got with a magazine.   I also decided to try with a masking fluid for the first time ever.  So I drew the stars from the stencil in pencil, then painted them with masking fluid.  I then decided to go for inktense blocks as my medium of choice.


After adding the colours to the page (2 different blues) and blending them with water, I then used a hot picks stamp and a block to stamp the text randomly over the background.  I also wanted a hill side for the bottom so used black gesso and a round sponge applicator for that.  I then wiped the sponge off lightly on the page to provide some darker spots.

Next I added some white gesso stamping with an Ellen Vargo stamp.  It was then time to rub away the masking fluid.

Lesson number 1 with masking fluid is that you need to apply it thicker than I did so you get full masking effect.  Lesson number 2 is don’t take it off when the paper is still wet as it will rip!

So yes it wasn’t exactly successful but it still shows some star shapes so I am happy enough.  Next to start on the doodles and scribbles!   First a purple ink fountain pen on some of the points of the stars… then I moved onto my black pen.


I doodled round the page, the stars, the quote I added.  I also got out a white paint pen and added doodles and scribbles with that too.

I decided the stars needed shine too (and to cover up the messed up paper from removing the masking fluid too early).  So out came stickles for the smaller stars and glass bead gel for the large star.  This was how it looked before it had all dried!

The next day the sun came out and made my stars very sparkly!



I love how the purple ink has bled with the stickles and gel and created some nice accents for the stars.

Really happy with this page… and as next month’s art journal session with my friends is themed as Wishes this is also a perfect sample for that too!

Happy crafting !



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