Canvas and Mixed Media art, Clare Lloyd, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, JOFY, Kim Dellow, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Treasure Gold

Tracy’s PATWITS journal

Time for another patwits journal page to share…. This time in Tracy’s lovely mixed shape journal. All of the spreads have different edges and some reveal the pages below.  I can’t wait to see how it all looks at the end when the pages are complete.  I imagine it will look stunning! 

Anyways… what to do in this fabulous journal???


A quick round up of the layers!
Fresco finish paints, distress crayons, stamps and stencils.  Then a Clare Lloyd girl. 

Then I stopped… unsure what else to do!


Decided to add some treasure gold to the girls dress.


Added some more doodles to the girl and outlined her dress and hair again with Indian ink.

Then decided to add some of Kim Dellow’s circle trees/flowers dangling from the top!



After colouring the dangling circles I added more doodling to them using the Indian ink and the same to the girl and round the page. I also then stamped the quote stamp onto the page. I wanted the heart word to stand out though so I added a pearl accents heart and then added the heart word on another piece of cardstock I doodled round and embedded it in the heart.

I added dots of the pearl accents and some glossy accents round the page for a bit of additional texture and of course my name and the month so Tracy knows who did the page.


Really happy with how this came out. Love doing circle journals and the joy of getting one in the post to pour over the details of what has already been created.

Happy crafting!


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