Finding zen!

Hello there blog readers! 

Today has been another full on day in the Inky fingered household! An emergency trip to sort out a poorly relative, cleaning and sorting of the house (well a third of the house), Wimbledon watching (well done Andy Murray!), cinema trip (Secret life of pets …. funny!), a bit of crafting and lot of doodles! 

I actually did quite a lot of doodling and this zentangle I am sharing during the tennis.  It helped keep me calm during some of the tense moments. 

I’ve started following a Facebook group where there is a daily pattern challenge and there was an extra challenge today to use three of the patterns from the first week of July in one piece of art. 

Well I loved what I ended up with so I thought I would share it here. 

The piece is 8cm x 8cm and is pen and pencil on my grid paper Bullet Journal. 

I used 4 of the patterns from the week (identified on the right) and a herringbone pattern too. 

I don’t usually share my bullet journal stuff here (mainly on my instagram account @catiecuddles) so this is a rare treat! Ha ha ha.

Anyways after all the drama, hardworking and excitement of the day it is time for me to sleep. No doubt another full on day ahead of me tomorrow too! 

Happy crafting! 


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