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Ok last time I disappeared I did explain my absence… This time I haven’t had a chance. Basically life happened… All at once…. and is still happening!

Unfortunately my father in law isn’t well and is currently in hospital awaiting the term ‘medically optimised’ before they can assess him for discharge. Then it will be a case of finding him somewhere suitable for his needs to live.  That was drama number one which we are still living with but isn’t quite as fraught as it was as he is safe and cared for. Love our NHS. 

The day after he was admitted my father arrived back from Spain early and was also admitted to hospital. After 3 worrying and busy days he was discharged and now on the waiting list for an operation but infection cleared up and deemed fit enough to carry on, albeit on reduced duties. Drama 2 done and dusted. Love the NHS! 

Then my car broke.  It had been making strange sounds for a while, had even been checked at the garage once (where it refused to make the noise!). I desperately hoped it would either fix itself or wait till after payday but one very large noise later it was clear things were not right … One towed away car, one new water pump and fan belt later, and a resulting big bill later my car is right as rain again. Phew! But yes drama number three.

Now this might not be a drama but we also have the start of school hols, my parents living in the craft room and me desperately catching up on work and time I missed during the last few weeks of being at the hospital.  So crafting has not really been an option, but I have been being creative on and off. 

First there is icad! No need for me to worry about finished pieces or works of amazing art… just a bit of creativity.  Here is my latest project life app round up… and others in the chair at my father in laws whilst waiting for the ambulance to turn up.

So this is one of my creative outlets and another is a bullet journal.  At some point I will get around to blogging about that but for now suffice it to say I am still being creative, just having to do a slight detour from the usual creativity route! Looking forward to getting back into he craft room properly but think that will have to wait till late August when the parents are back in Spain.  In the meantime these mini projects are keeping me going.

Happy crafting! 


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