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Postcard swap… 100 years since the Battle of the Somme 

I’ve joined another swap group…. this time making a postcard on a theme once a month. This was my first contribution.

The theme was to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme where so many lives were lost. It doesn’t quite make sense to me in terms of the numbers … they are too big and ridiculous to think of. A real loss to the world.

This is my postcard. I started with some handwritten scrapbook paper from Maggie Holmes that I liked the look of …. made me think of the letters soldiers and their families used to write.  I oates it with a light layer of white gesso. Then I added the black gesso, dry brushing it from the right hand side.

Then I coloured some texture paste with the Infusions crystals in Black Knight to turn it grey and added it on the left hand side through a Tim Holt stencil and left it to dry.

I then started on my poppy.  I stamped the image using a SU stamp and then used the Pebeo outlined paint to create the outline for the Prisme paint to sit in.  Once it was dry (it took 2 days!) I cut out the flower and adhered it to the postcard.  I decided it needed more colour so stamped some text stamps down the right hand side in grey ink and then the splashes of red using acrylic paint and some white dotty stamps lightly in the top. 

Once the poppy was dry and glued in place I added some shading and blended in the flower a little more with some ink and water. I then added some Hickory smoke distress ink over the texture paste to highlight the cracks more. 

The title was created using the Tim Holt small talk stickers and I added both pen and charcoal to provide some depth.

Love how this came out. Sombre and hopefully a poetic reminder of the sacrifice made by those brave soldiers during the 1st world war.

Happy crafting! 



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