Canvas and Mixed Media art, Dies, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Lin Brown, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Raggy Dolls, Seth Apter (PA)

Seth Apter Paperartsy retreat

I am awake at SILLY O’CLOCK! Because the hen party in the rooms next to ours have returned after their shenanigans in Ilford and now I’m awake.  So thought I would be productive and tell you about my wonderful day creating my canvas with Seth Apter and Paperartsy. 

I am delighted with it and it is so beyond my comfort zone.  Such a great project and I am really proud of it. 

Seth was such a brilliant teacher and inspired me with new techniques and some easy to follow demonstrations.

I mean looking at the picture of the finished canvas you wouldn’t believe it started life like this….

There were so many lovely layers to the project and I know if it was true Seth style it probably would have more but there is only so much time in one day! 

And everyone’s creations looked so different. We all had the same paint choice and stencils and stamps to play with but each canvas looked unique and I didn’t spot one in the room that wasn’t fabulous. 

The whole event ran so smoothly and the food provided was delicious. I took very few people pictures but did have to get one with teacher of course… 

And some of my raggy doll sisters were with me …. 

There were also some of my PATWITS circle journal gang there but didn’t think to take a pic with them. But it was great to meet them and put faces to names of some of the other PATWITS too. 

I stole this pic from Darcy who took loads of pictures of the event (in between making her own fabulous canvas) of me in my typical pose!

Not exactly sure if my tongue only comes out if I touch my ear or not? 

And then the group photo… 

Can you spot me? 

Top left peeking over the top of my canvas. 

Suffice it to say I had a wonderful creative day. And now the hen do girls have gone quiet I am going to attempt more sleep. 

Happy crafting! 



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