Paperartsy challenge journal 

Oh I am on big style catch up again with my Paperartsy challenge journal.  The theme I am sharing today was from ages ago and was colour mixing.

I started with Infusions as a background and decided my colour scheme would be all from the pinks and blues families. When it was wet it looked very vibrant but it did dry slightly paler.  There is also a touch of green and light turquoise showing through from the previous page.

You can probably see that the pages in my moleskine are also pretty fragile and starting to fall out so I had to rescue this with some tape down the middle.

Anyways this sat on my desk in the piles of stuff to do for quite some time! I next added to it on Wednesday night and this is where it got to…

I added a doily over the tape to disguise it a little and add some texture. Then lots of stencils and stamps with paint and texture paste. Love the Lin Brown stamps I used …. love those mosaic type circles and the rough stripes like printing with corrugated card. Also like the new Andy Skinner stencil I bought which is a mask of numbers and letters. I can see me using that a lot. The final layer for this session was some Borganvillia coloured texture paste through the honeycomb stencil.  Then I left that to dry and went to bed.

Three next night I grabbed the fabulous Artful blooms stamp set and started creating my focal point for the page. 

Of course stamping over texture paste in an already bulky journal is not easy nor does it lend itself to perfect images..  but I wasn’t worried about that as I know a black pen can solve these issues later. I also did lots of flicks of white and pink paint over the top… lovely yummy splats! 

Next it was time to grab pens and start doodling… yes I’m still on my Seth Apter journey with the mark making! The bad news is I am in bed with a terrible cold (the rest of the household are also suffering!) But the good news is that I can doodle in bed in between snoozing.

I used both a brush Pitt marker in black and sharpie white paint pen to outline, add definition, scribble and doodle. I then used a couple of grey big brush Pitt pens to add shading for the flowers to bring them out more. 

So this theme was colour mixing and I guess as I am pretty confident with my colour knowledge I just went for the colours I like best and they are from the blue and pink families. Love how the page came out… and glad I am one page nearer to catching up! 

Happy crafting!


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