Journal page … another Maremismallart inspired page

I shared with you one page last week where I had been inspired by the You tube videos from Maremismallart.  Here is the facing page I did the background at the same time using the same products.
I didn’t want the page to be a continuation but to complement each other.

Well Marta of Maremismallart inspired me with another video where she used scrapbook stickers to create a collage set of ATC’S and I realised that I have loads of scrapbook stickers I am unlikely to ever use so I grabbed some vintage ones that work with the colour scheme.

I added some corrugated card, gems, glass beads gel and pearl beads and washi tape and some gesso to bring it all together.  This is it drying.

Look at the lovely sparkle and texture.

I would never have dreamed of doing this if I hadn’t watched Marta on her You tube videos. She really is so inspiring. 

Once it was dry it was time to add the finishing touches but had to be careful not to go overboard and ruin this delicately balanced page. 

I chose to add some definition with Pitt pens along the edges of the collage and then some dots and highlights with a white paint pen.  

And here is the page in full… 

And with the facing page…

I love love love how both these pages came out. So beautiful and vintage and not my usual style. I also incorporated some of the techniques from the SETH Apter day too but they are mainly inspired by Marta from Maremismallart. You should check out her amazing You tube channel.

Happy crafting! 


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