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A scrap page… well a very mixed media one!

In early September I did a class with Seth Apter which was fabulous and we made a canvas.  During the class is created a lovely piece of something on the 12 x 12 scratch paper we were using as a method to transfer paint etc.

Well me being me couldn’t throw that lovely away so instead I’ve held onto it and stroked it from time to time. Well now I have found a perfect use for it. And I am using it as the basis for a scrapbook page. I have no idea how long it has been since I did any scrapbooking but it made a nice change to grab a photo for the focal image rather than something stamped or drawn etc. But this is still a far cry from the scrapbook ingredients I used to do as I used to be a clean and simple girl and most definitely wouldn’t have dreamed of tearing paper or having all these colours going on. I’m a changed girl now… not to say I won’t go back to CAS again if the wind turns! 

I have trimmed it down as the edges were a little scruffy and I thought it needed a mount and then started adding to it. Annoyingly I haven’t a picture of the original piece of cardstock as it finished up after the class. 

At this point I have added the papers, some gesso and then the iridescent medium through a Tim Holtz stencil, and flicked some black Indian ink across the page. All the paint and the feature stencil are as they were after the class.

I have also decided on my picture and it’s placement at this point but need to let the medium and gesso dry. 

The next day I added some stamping using the lovely Tape it stamps and then some ink through the other part of the Tim Holtz stencil. I then added some lovely trim and some sewing using the sewing machine. 

Time to add in the picture, add some stickers and stick the whole thing down on the lovely wooden effect paper from DoCrafts.

I also added some Inktense pencils as the shadow etc. And some doodling marks with both a Derwent Line painter and the sharpie white pen. 

Love how this came out. A lovely way to use the paper I created and a nice change to so some scrapbooking. 

And I love that iridescent medium… expect to see more of that in my work in future. 
Entering this into the challenge at mixed media place as I took this scrapbook page to a whole new level for me.

Happy crafting!



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