Yup… guess what I made? 

Just for a change I made … yes you guessed it …. another ATC! 

I think the issue is that I am tired, busy and unwell and so only managing to grab the odd few minutes here and there so an ATC seems like a simple little achievement. Plus since I’m still tidying up the craft room I keep finding old scratch sheets and cutting them into ATC size so have a little stack of them wanting to get used right there on the desk. Well it would be a shame not to! 

This is one of those cut up old scratch sheets… ATC size! 

I decided I wanted a cool palette as I had an idea of what I wanted to use as the focal point so added book print scrap, a neutral coloured scrap dotty dsp, lome green washi tape, some gesso, Guacamole and Haystack fresco finish paint and then some dark green acrylic paint through a stencil, some punched out hearts from a piece of scrap palette paper from another project (again it was on my desk), and some more stencilling using the lovely terracotta colour fresco finish paint.

By now there is very little of the original card visible. But that is not the point of starting from the scratch card.  The scratch card just stops me looking at a blank card and wondering where to go. I feel less concerned about messing anything up as I am using a ‘waste’ supply not a paid for supply. Sometimes the colours and shapes help me decide a direction to go in, other times I just get rid of it all and go in a completely different direction. 

Anyways that was what I did last night. 

Tonight I finished it off…  I added doodles and outlines to the shapes in the background using the Derwent Line painters and the white sharpie and added a little scrap of hessian and then the cute little chipboard tag that I must have had for about 5 years in my stash! Lovely to find a use for it.  

Finished off the Tim Holtz chit chat sticker and some more doodling. Cute? Well I think so. 

Tomorrow I am hoping to feel up to doing something other than just an ATC… but if I’m not… well I’m not! And then you might get another ATC post! 

Happy crafting! 


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