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Paperartsy challenge journal … 2 for 1

I am still hobbling although today it does seem a lot better than yesterday so fingers crossed I am over the worst. Unsure on whether I am working today or crafting so thought I would jump on the blog and get today’s post published with what I finished at the weekend. 

I am so behind on the Paperartsy challenge journal so decided to do a 2 for 1 this time. I did patterns and mark making as facing pages.

Here is the start of the pattern building page. I added some ric rac stickers from the stash and then painted over the top.

Then I took the stickers off and added them back on vertically. Some of them didn’t leave a clean edge but that’s OK … I knew I could sort that out later. 

Next I started on the facing page with a coat of the mid blue over the full page and then started to add other colours using the printing technique that I learnt at the Seth Apter class.  Please note for some reason my camera decided to give this a yellow tinge… not sure why so please accept my apologies.

I also added some of the pinks and purples to the other page too. Then started to add stencilling to both pages and  before I knew it the pages were finished with doodles and marks and patterns.

I guess that for me a stencil is an easy way of adding a pattern & now I’m so influenced by Seth’s class everything gets doodled on in my own form of Mark making. Glad I could combine these two pages and now 2 challenges closer to catching up! 

Happy crafting !




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