Oh so succulent, Succulent Garden

Using up some succulent kit

Last week I went to Helen’s class where the kit for the project was very generous indeed. So yesterday I took the kit and decided to see what I could do with the pieces that I had already cut into. 

That was the starting point… and by the end… I still have lots of stash left… but none of them where they are partially cut into.  

So what did I make? Well I made three cards and then 9 card toppers that I just need to adhere to the card blanks. 

I used sentiments both from Oh so succulent and a magazine set I got last week. 

So once I’ve cut some card blanks these are all ready to add to the box for my auntie. 

Love how easily these cane together. Some were using Helen’s designs and some just made up as I went along. 

Happy crafting!