Christmas canvas challenge

Last year my friend Chris organised a weekly instruction challenge for creating a tag. Here is my post about that.  Well she has also been doing one for Christmas canvases the past few weeks.  So here is what I did… 

1. Gesso and paint a base colour

So I chose 3 4×4 canvas boards and because I had too much paint left I also did a larger 5×7 board too.  This photo doesn’t show the colour at all… it is a mix of blue oyster and South Pacific and is quite a bright turquoise colour. 

2. Add stencilling with an acrylic medium and a Christmas themed stencil

I used modelling paste and used a clarity stencil mask for the snowflakes one and the holly stencil (I think this is a ranger one) for the larger board.  And this shows the colour much better. 

3. Add Christmas paper/bookprint/music paper or something similar. 

I chose some strips of paper from the retired Stampin Up Winter frost paper and some book print for the smaller canvases.

Next step is to add two analogous colours. 

I mixed Baltic Blue with a little bit of metallic art alchemy paint.  And added it through stencils to each of the panels. 

I then mixed chalk with green patina to lighten the colour and then added the paint in places with a sponge. 

I then added in more Baltic Blue with a text stamp.  

Again these pics above don’t show the colour correctly… but these close ups show it better. 

So far so good! Although at this point I am not sure what’s going on with the larger one but the smaller panels I’m loving! 

The next instruction was to add a contrast colour sparingly in at least three places. I found this easy for the small canvases as I knew I wanted to add metallic pink and decided to die cut the sentiments from painted card. I then also added the same pink paint in a few lines using the edge of a credit card to add balance. 

The larger panel I struggled with a little more I must admit. Whilst I was happy to add the pink I wasn’t sure how I wanted to add it. In the end I decided against the pink and instead added some red patterned paper strips. 

It looked weird and I wasn’t happy with it but decided to live with it until the next instruction was provided and hope I could deal with it then and come up with something I was happy with! 

Next step was to add a feature image…

So for the small canvases I chose some wooden embellishments from the stash and gave them plenty of layers of paint. O also added glass bead gel in places on the canvases and on the star embellishment.

And for the larger panel I added die cut trees and glass bead gel and Inktense block waterolouring. I grounded the trees with some white paint using a large nibbed posca pen. And at this point I fell in love with this canvas again. 

Over the course of a few days I added some more depth using Inktense and more white with the posca pen. Then I added more shading with Faber Castell Pitt pens and some highlights using a Sharpie white paint pen. I also added lots of flicks of art alchemy sparks paint to give lots of shimmer. Finally a Tim Holtz sticker for the title and some doodling with a black pen.

I immediately placed it on display in the lounge and will eventually get around to framing it! 

The small panels I also added flicks of sparks and then added white sharpie bits and pieces and then some shading with the Pitt pens. 

The next step is to somehow make these panels into a hanging but that will have to wait till another day and for now these little panels can live on the little easels. 

Loved this challenge and hope to do so this again at some point. 

Happy crafting! 


1 thought on “Christmas canvas challenge

  1. Who would’ve thought white pens could work such magic!!! Love them all but especially the larger one.
    Beautiful post.

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