Decoupage cards

There was a discussion between my crafty friends and I last week about decoupage and although you may think with my love of mixed media and grungy crafts that decoupage might not be my thing… but I do enjoy it every so often. So when I saw the Crafts beautiful magazine and it had a decoupage kit in it as the freebie I thought … why not! 

Of course it was meant to make 6 cards but I ended up adding a few card blanks and bits and pieces of paper to make it into 12! 

Here are the first six which are using the cards that came in the pack with various levels of decoupage. I did add some glitter, glossy accents and some foiled sentiments to a few to add to them… otherwise these pretty flowers are mainly how the kit intended them to be (I just skipped a few layers to save them for other cards!).

I will share the other six I made another day… but hope you also like these pretty cards. Far from my usual style but still fun and relaxing to make. 

Happy crafting!


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