AJSS, Neocolors II, Watercolour paints

#AJSS title page and first endeavours

So I am officially loving #ajss2018 and the first few lessons that were released on Sunday. I woke up, watched them all, then rewatched the first one again and sketched my flamingo page whilst I ate breakfast. Then off to add colour and details in stages… so by 12noon my first page was already done!

Here are the progress pics…

Super happy with this.

I then moved onto my title page. This time I used the neocolors as watercolour pans to create the letters and the splatters and a little washi tape to cover a splodge I messed up!

Then some pencil to add definition to the letters. Jobs a good’un!

Next lesson was Iris is more mixed media and some free drawing and so will cover what I made with that in another post.

And then the next lesson from Marieke was using papers and doodling… so what I did with that will follow on another day!

Safe to say I am super happy with the course so far. Challenging me to do something different and have fun with the limited supplies.

Happy crafting!



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