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Art Journal Page- use a napkin

So this morning I got up and created some art! I decided to play along with the Facebook monthly art journal prompt of use a paper napkin as I had picked up one from a pub on our holiday which had a lovely texture I thought would be great for painting on.

I videoed the process and will link up the video once it’s finished loading to YouTube… but here is what I finished up with…

I used some of the stamped pieces from the weekend with James Sharpe Art and some other random bits and bobs I have stashed away and did some sewing too. Whilst this is using some of the things James showed us on that weekend it is very much more in my style with more mediums and lots of paint!

I’ve taken lots of closeup pics to show the texture… super happy with how it turned out.

So there you go… my paper napkin page in my journal. Pleased I found the time this morning to do this.

Happy crafting!



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