Artist Trading Coins, Shrink plastic

Let’s face it – Artist Trading Coins UK swaps

Another month and another swap over at Artist Trading Coins Uk swap group that I host on Facebook. The coins everyone made last month for the music theme were stunning!

This month the theme is “Let’s face it” … so it will be interesting to see how people interpret this.

For my contribution I decided on the faces I had stamped onto fabric back in July at James Sharpe Art weekend. I happen to have three of the same face which meant it was easy to choose… and I videoed the process of making them… so you can watch that here.

So I made three coins…

Quite graphic and the backgrounds were super easy to make.

Kept with the theme from the James Sharpe weekend and the sewing machine came out to play again!

Love that I got my shrink plastic out to play too… that was fun making the little titles on the coins. Going to try and remember to do that for a couple of other projects in the future too.

If you fancy joining in with the swap then all you have to do is join the Facebook group… but it is only for UK residents… Sorry but I know that there are international groups out there but this is UK only.

Happy crafting!



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