Inchies and Twinchies

Hand twinchies

As per usual I included some twinchies in with the coins that were swapped… but only made eight this time as it was a quick turnaround swap… but it turned out to be too many… but that’s ok I found a use for them on another project I have been making and will share at another time.

I used some cheap watercolour paper as the substrate as I like the fluffy edges you get when it is cut.

I added the distress stains in a mix of colours to them and then a piece of torn bookprint.

I then had a hunt through printed collage materials as I knew there would be some hands/arms images I could use and found eight of them.

After cutting these out I added them to the twinchies and then added some shading with a grey Pitt pen and edged them all in the same pen too.

These are so different from the other twinchies I have made so far, and I love them.

Happy crafting!



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