Bits and Bobs Box challenge (247-253)

So I decided to challenge myself to using stuff from the bits and bobs box which I keep next to my desk. I put in the bits and pieces I’ve been using and want to save, part finished projects or things that people have gifted me in a swap.  So I filmed the process of going through […]

Mail art fun

After the mail art swap for Mini Marvels I got a bit of a bug for decorating envelopes and sending random happy mail.  The response from people getting these random pieces of prettiness through the mail has really made me so happy! So I started playing with paint on another 4 envelopes and kept them […]

Art journalling, raggy dolls, all about me!

Last month I shared with you that my group of crafting friends, aka raggy dolls, have embarked on a new challenge.  If you don’t remember… Go look at my post here. Anyway, that was last month, and that was all about Lynn.  This month it was my turn to be interviewed! Scary!  It turned out […]