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Hello doll cards

Today I have the cards I made to send the Russian art dolls to the swap recipients… they include papers from the stash swap challenge I shared over the past few days… and of course are Russian art doll themed!

I used the same template as I used for the dolls… but this time I cut them from patterned paper in the stash.

The faces were from the Art by Marlene die cuts and I added doodling and shading and a little pics of doily for the frill on the headscarf.

I also added the sticky embellishments as buttons.

I adhered both dolls to a piece of card I stamped some texture into the background and doodled the border. I also added the hello sentiment.

I decided to use red card blanks to give the white panel something to contrast against.

Cute and super simple little creations with the use of the Art by Marlene faces.

Lovely way to round off two projects in one.

Happy crafting!


Bits and Bobs Box challenge (247-253)

So I decided to challenge myself to using stuff from the bits and bobs box which I keep next to my desk. I put in the bits and pieces I’ve been using and want to save, part finished projects or things that people have gifted me in a swap.  Sofilmed the process of going through the bits and bobs box and came up with a few projects.

This is what I ended up making… 

I have to admit it isn’t the shortest video but hopefully you can see how easy it is to come up with something from relative nothing in a short space of time and just adding a few mediums and some imagination. 

Happy crafting!


Bert the Birdhouse with Tweet, Twit and Twoo!

Evening all

I have now finished my birdhouse I started at Art from the Heart on Saturday in a class with Karen Hayselden.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to use the Kate Crane girl stamped image so instead waited until I was home to make a start on finishing the project.

So here it was when I left Harrogate…


I had added some doodling and dots whilst in the hotel after the class. 

When I got home the Kim Dellow Paperartsy stamps had arrived and so I knew then that the birds would be perfectly sized for the house.  So I stamped on bookprint, coloured them with spectrum noir pencils and mounted them on black card, and then added a coat of glossy accents.


How to affix them? Well I had already thought of adding a bead on the top and Marie and I discussed the idea of wire (we both have rusty wire from another project sitting there unused!).

So I cut a length and coiled it loosely round the house and through the bead on the top and attaching it to the boot at the bottom.

Onto the bottom I stuck one bird, and onto to the top another.  The third bird is stood on the little ledge near the entrance.







The wire needed some work though so I found two cute little flower stamps in my stash that I thought worked with the style of the project and stamped them out, coloured them with the pencils and then cut them out with a little white border.  I then dotted them around the wire so they look like they are floating round the house.







I adore how this has turned out.  I have to thank Kassa for the class.  I learnt so much about layering paint and the idea of the class was just so much fun.  What a darling project.

Hope you like Bert (actually don’t care if you don’t because he’s mine and I love him and that’s all that matters!) and his friends.

Happy crafting!


Update from Harrogate

Hi there

So today I indulged in some arty therapy with some dear friends, no my sisters, in Harrogate at Art from the Heart with a great teacher, Karen Hayselden.  And I decorated a very cute birdhouse, made some stunningly bright and busy layered backgrounds and a big splodgy mess.  I played with air drying clay, did a bit of stamping and had a crafty spend.  I learnt techniques,  played with supplies I hadn’t tried before and best of all spent time with loved ones.  Sadly one of our group was MIA as she was unwell but another came in her place so that was a positive surprise to a poop situation.  I also got to meet in real life two new friends (although I didn’t really chat much as we were at opposite ends of the table and all working too hard to stop really … sorry Chris and Linda for not being more sociable).

So enough blathering… I suppose you want to see what I made… well nothing is exactly finished as I want to do something slightly different from the class ‘sample’ but here it is as it currently stands…


The light in the hotel room isn’t the best for showing it off.. I will post and updated daylight photo as soon as I can.  It is quite grungey but also bright and shiny with about a million layers of paints (maybe an exaggeration but a lot of layers!).

To get used to creating layers we also made a couple of backgrounds…


… those to the left at the top.  I then made a splodgy mess out of my palette. … There was a lot of black left on my palette so it is a very black splodgy mess… It needs further working on that’s for sure.  And then I stamped some images out for adding to my birdhouse as options and for adding to my boot I made from clay too… no pics of this as yet… It’s in the car at the moment…. It needs to dry before I can start decorating it.

Of course there was a little crafty spend too…


Some bits and pieces… inks a couple of wood mounted stamps I couldn’t resist a stencil I’ve been seeing on you tube videos and admiring and some dylusions quote stamps that I know I will use a lot in journalling projects. Plus a watering can archival (very useful essential) and matt medium…. oh and a distress stain to complement the other warm colour ones I’ve got so my distress stain collection is complete for me. 

The day was rounded off with chat with Darcy and Marie before dropping Darcy off for her coach home, then a lovely tea with Marie in the pub (wine has been drunk) and watching the Paperartsy periscopes and utube launch videos on my phone with Marie.  Wifi far too slow for ipad to watch them (poo) so good job I’ve got loads of data on my phone!

So a nice early night to make up for the early start and then tomorrow a nice big brekkie with Marie before we head home.

Such a lovely day with loved ones.  Was great to see Jayne and Marie for the first time in just over a year (we really shouldn’t leave it this long between meeting up), and a lovely surprise to see Darcy again.  Loved being creative, learning new things and creating something different. Missed the lovely Lynn and hope she is feeling better really soon.

Small update… couldn’t sleep straight away so did some colouring…

Night all… and of course happy crafting!

Deconstruction and reconstruction! 

The theme of the Paperartsy challenge this fortnight is deconstruction which I must admit didn’t think would be my thing but then before I know it I was having to make this costume for Red Nose Day! 

I used two skirts and two t-shirts that are at the end of their use but ended up with some of the fab material from one of the skirts that I knew straightaway how to put it to use!   Quite some time ago I made a little cat using paperclay at a class with Kate Crane.  Last year I started making a rabbit out of paperclay using the same techniques but then it stopped! 

So now I had the materials to finish off my rabbit! 

So… Paperclay construction, acrylic paint, rusty wire, crackle accents.  Scrap fabric, button and some coloured thread.  Cute! 

Now I just need to name her… Any ideas? 

Hope this is enough deconstruction for the challenge.

Happy crafting! 


Playing with Paperclay

About 2 years ago I went with some of my favourite people to Art from the Heart to do an Art Doll class with Kate Crane. I had no idea what I was doing but completely fell in love with the process and end result of my fabulous Raggity Alice who is currently on display in our hallway so I see her everyday! At the time I of course bought a packet of paperclay full of intentions of making more art dolls and maybe a range of snowmen for Christmas and decorations and and and …

Well you can imagine if you know me in person, or have read my blog for a while I am not a good finisher!

And of course the paperclay has sat there in my stash not being used for the entire time … But on 12th May that changed! I opened the packet and I used it all … Yes all of it in one go! Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to get some cling film, and also because I knew I would never get round to using it before it hardened if I didn’t do it all in one go!

So what did I do? Well I did create the pieces for another doll similar to Raggity Alice. I also created some pendant/fob/decorations in simple shapes with stamped impressions. I also used a cake decorating mold I had bought in the sale with some feathers… These are so cute and delicate. Love how they worked. So here they all are drying nicely!


The first things I started to do something with were the pieces for the rabbit doll … Only 12 days later! (24th May). Not bad for me. First a coat of shell pink acrylic, then some grey (don’t know why but fancied a grey bunny)! At this point I had not decided what to do with the legs, so not painted at all at this point. But I did paint a lovely red colour onto the heart.


I gave the rabbit another coat of paint later that day and then decided on stripey legs just like Raggity Alice. But decided on blues for these legs instead.

Next I decided to give the rabbit a glaze of crackle glaze. At this point I had only done one side of the body and also stuck the heart in place with glossy accents.


The next day, a coat of crackle glaze to the back and the legs done, and whilst this dried, took a scrap of fabric to make the dress. This is the simple dress ready to have the drawstring neck done when the glaze is dry.


Meanwhile… Other pieces of the paperclay got some paint layered on…


And then normal service resumed and the pieces were not touched at all. And remain so to this day. I live in hope I might actually finish them off one day, or use them for something… But as I’ve held onto this post for months in hope I would finish them, it’s time to post it before the year is out with the reaffirmation that I am officially not a finisher!

Happy crafting!