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Bujo/daily journalling

As a result of inspiration from a Facebook group and Terri Dudash I’m doing some daily journalling mixed with a bit of bullet journalling at the moment. Here are some shots of what I’ve done so far. To be honest some of it is also just adding random stuff in the book because I found it! But hopefully it may inspire you. Most of the journalling not private but a few bits I have just obscured for privacy reasons.

Today (the last page above) I am pretty much stuck in bed as a result of a reaction to my covid vaccine but did manage to do a little and find some stickers I wanted to use for tomorrow.

Enjoying this bit of creativity and mindfulness daily at the moment and obsessed with watching journalling YouTube videos too.



Bullet Journalling

Catch up and look back…. before I move forward!

So it’s been a bit of a year… and judging by the news over the last few days it’s not over yet shocking and upsetting us! 

Anyways let’s not dwell on the bad news. Let’s have a quick catch up. 

So I haven’t really been doing much crafting (parents now have ownership of the spare/ craft room) and before they arrived it was crazy with working long hours so again not much time for crafting. I have really been missing it but life was too busy to take time for that so hence the reduction in blogging etc. 

I have however been taking time for me still. I have started doing a miracle morning routine (read the Hal Elrod book to find out more!) and been using my bullet journal too.  In fact I can share some of that today with you. 

I invested in a Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal as for last few months I have been using the Moleskine cahier which are just too small in the number of pages and so require repeated setting up.  They have however been fab for practising and sorting out how I want pages to look and work without feeling like I am ruining a big notebook immediately!  Anyway this is now my bujo for the start of 2017. 

It is black (not very exciting but practical!) and has additional features for the bujo version such as three page markers, a key built in at the front and some bullet journal instructions in the back. 

It is a dot grid inside and the paper is beautifully smooth and feels lovely to write on. 

So here is a quick peek at each of the pages done so far… 

Not much in the forward planner as yet but decided to keep this fairly simple in design and just add a touch of colour.

I love this quote (no idea who to attribute it to but it isn’t me!) and wanted a year at a glance too so added that. Again keeping it simple and just adding a touch of colour. 

Next is my affirmations. I have changed these up from the ones I have been using so hopefully these seem more me now. Less task focused. Also got a tracker for doing my headspace meditation. This is pretty much what I have now in the Moleskine but hoping to start afresh Jan 1st with a new energy as my morning routines have disappeared over Christmas. 

Next for some more trackers…. I want to lose weight in 2017 and lose clutter so thought these would be good to face each other… so kept the colour scheme the same for the two pages.  Not sure how I want to track them yet but will come up with something.  

I also want to increase my recipe repertoire so decided to try and do a favourite recipe page.  On the facing page I started the birthdays and celebrations tracker… I am rubbish at remembering birthdays etc so thought this would be a good way to keep on top of them. Just need to finish filling it in and do the following months too! 

Next up…

I love tracking what I have read and will probably add the Gorjuss girl stamp I have used before for this to decorate the page further.  But for now just the title.  

I then have a double spread for my level 10 life and my goals for this year. Previously I’ve put in my 20 year goals but never stepped them down into more achievable goals … hoping this will assist more. 

Only shared my diagram for now though. 

I was insoired for this next one by Boho berry and decided to do my own version…. I decided to try the One Little Word for 2017 … but which word???? Well after adding all these word to the page I kept coming back to growth … so that’s my choice…. love how this page came out … even if it’s not quite as cool or pretty as Kara’s but it is mine!

Next I skipped a few pages to leave room for more collections or yearly stuff and started on my January stuff…

… this time it is the mood mandala by @bujo.mama that inspired this front page. No chance I would be able to draw 31 circles though so instead will do half a circle each day and this way it is a little easier to fit it over the spread. I also added the quote based on my one little word…. again I thought it worked well for January’s goals. 

Excited of see how this grows during January.  

I then have my monthly tracker and spread.  I went for a snowdrop theme for January …. and also combined my blog and personal tracker as I’ve stepped down from most of the design teams due to a lack of time and energy with my mental health issues. So I can get that all onto one page. 

I wanted to keep up with the time logging to see where my energy was going. I also intend to play along with #rockyourhandwriting on instagram so rather than having to find the prompts each day I wrote them all out here. 

And finally my first weekly spread. This is a first time for me as haven’t done a weekly spread before but I quite like the idea of it so we will see how this goes. It gives me a place to join in with the mindful creativity with tangles challenge too. 

On each of the days I added a time tracker (except the weekend as I don’t really bother at weekends) and space to plan meals. 

I also have a little step tracker for each day and a task list.

Finally I have one more tracker to show you… and this is my art challenge for 2017.

I am intending to make 365 ATC’S during 2017. Now this could be one a day but more than likely will be in batches as I tend to work on more than one at once… I have however drawn out the year to make it a little easier to see if I am close to being on target. No idea if this is a ridiculously difficult or easy challenge. I guess as I already join in a few swaps that makes it 5 a month…. so 60 a year… so only another 305 to do! Ha ha ha! I suspect challenging it definitely the word! 

So there you go…. a long blog post all about my bullet journal about my plan for 2017. 

Happy crafting! 


Bullet Journalling

All about my #bujo obsession!

You what? what on earth is a #bujo?

Well it’s what a Bullet journal is known as within the bujo community! 

Still not with me… don’t worry until a few months ago I had no idea either! 

The system was put together by Ryder Carroll and the best place to learn all about the system is at his website… bullet journal.com

Basically it is a planning system but a highly personalised one… it can be whatever you want it to be.  I stumbled across it on instagram via an online friend and became intrigued… and quickly obsessed! 

I started back in June/ July in a notebook and mainly was doing some doodling and calendar stuff.  In August I moved into a new Moleskine and started following more and more instagram accounts seeing all the pretty things people created. 

Along the way I discovered BohoBerry and became completely hooked on her YouTube videos.  I have now finished one entire Moleskine and started in a new one so time to share what I’ve been up to. 

These are just a few pics from the first couple of notebooks I did… more decorative than functional admittedly but include a couple of collection pages and some trackers. Also a journalling spread.  

The best way of explaining things is probably bit of a video flip through! So it’s time to work out how to do this YouTube malarkey! 

Will keep you posted on my progress.

Happy crafting !