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Teacher gifts and cards for end of school year!

Today is the last day at school for the princess for a whole six weeks! This year I decided that I would give handmade presents for the teachers from my princess. I have already shared with you bags I made using the fabulous inktense pencils, then added ribbons and buttons to and hand embroidered some little bits onto them to finish off. Here they are all finished.

So pleased with these and hope the teachers liked them too!

Mrs Boyle has been great with the princess this year, including giving her a necessary kick up the bum mid year which worked really well in pushing her forward. She is also her main teacher so she also got something special for the classroom or at home… A papercut! I bought the template from Paper Panda on etsy and cut it from a cream laid paper and mounted it in an IKEA frame with my first attempt at floating to provide a bit of a gap between the cut and the background sheet. I chose Pistachio Pudding as the backing card colour as I thought it worked well with the image.



Their final present was the much required by the end of the term bottle of wine each! I am sure that this will consumed fairly quickly after the end of term! Ha ha!

For cards I kept with the papercutting theme… But unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the finished projects … Doh! I have to say I was pleased with them though so may well have to repeat at some point!

Anyways … Hoping the teachers have a fabulous restful holiday … Whilst I obviously get completely shattered with the princess at home. Plenty of play dates need arranging and of course my parents will be here to rescue us for a few weeks too. I am hoping as my depression is improving to be back at work next week so fingers crossed she won’t be distracted with me moping round the house!

Happy crafting!


Papercutting pleasure!

Papercutting is a trend that is sweeping the crafting world at the moment and I am well and truly obsessed. Most of what I have been doing is practising cutting rather than making anything for a reason. Some of what I have been doing have been for gifts, but I must admit my cutting skills have got better so they may just end up as early prototypes rather than the finished articles! So as a result a lot of what I’ve cut hasn’t yet been shared. But this one I am sharing as a work in progress!

I joined a Facebook group where the idea is to draw your own designs and then cut them … But there is a theme every few weeks to challenge. The theme at the moment is architecture. Now I was completely inspired by a cut that Suzy Taylor did of some cute houses … (link to her shop). Knowing I had no chance of getting to her standard of cutting I started on my own street…

After posting the sketch on the group, Suzy politely suggested it may be a bit close in design to her… Which it was… I had completely used hers as inspiration, and whilst no where near her quality of drawing and sketching… So here is the full cut for you to see … Purely to make sense of where this then went!

Thank you Suzy for the inspiration!

That night I work up thinking about fairy houses in toadstools… No I hadn’t eaten cheese the night before I promise! So the next morning I spend some time in our local cafe sketching… And in the end I came up with this little road full of fairy houses…

Which was even more delightful when cut!

No idea what to do with this now I’ve cut it as it’s such a strange shape … But still I love it!

Now onto the main piece of work in progress … My thoughts of fairies have not disappeared (more little toadstool houses in the planning) but i suddenly wanted to draw Rapunzel’s tower and cut that … So sketched, scanned and increased the size a bit (just to make the fiddly bits work) and then cutting commenced whilst watching tv … And in no time at all I was done!


Now this I have a plan for … An ambitious plan … So will say no more and we shall see what shall become of this!

I am loving sketching and cutting these things even if I have no idea why I am doing it… But my skills have improved no end so I suspect it might be back to the drawing board on the gifts I had already started … Wonder if I can improve some more before I do them though … Ahhhh Christmas is ages away!

Happy crafting!


Final papercutting card for Father’s Day

Here is my card made for my father in law for Father’s Day!


This time I went for a more simple words on a line approach with butterflies (he is obsessed with buying the princess butterfly themed gifts so I felt it appropriate) and kept it quite clean cut.

This probably took about an hour and half to cut out and about twenty minutes to design so not too bad.

I was really pleased with all three cards for Father’s Day. I hate making men’s cards but this was a much easier way to do them without being bored by the lack of ribbon or bling! Lol!

Happy crafting!


Paper cutting for Father’s Day continued…

A couple of days ago I shared the card I made for the hubby using the princess’ writing. Well paper cutting was the theme for this years Father’s Day as I also made another two cards, for my Dad and for my Father in Law. Today I am sharing the card I made for my dad!

I decided on a rustic feeling and decided on cogs and clocks! I had a fab a4 mask which I used to draw the shapes and then drew in the letters in the middle and worked out how to connect them, and make them visible in the cogs!

Then I did my usual reversing trick by drawing in black pen over the pencil marks, then turning the paper round and drawing them again in pen and this time shading the cut parts as there were so many I didn’t want to mess it up and cut the wrong parts. Then, as our printer is now set up next to me, I decided to scan it and print a copy onto very vanilla cardstock. Now whilst this is thicker paper than ideal for papercutting, I think when making for a card you need something a bit sturdier than paper.

Then I set to on cutting … In total I think it took about two hours to cut out, and about thirty minutes to design.

I decided to ink up the final piece and the layered cardstock (Baked Brown sugar & pistachio pudding ) as I felt it needed to be a bit grungy and also love the screw top brads as fun finishing touches!

I decided on a Kraft card base as it worked better than the white card base.


Tomorrow I will share what I did for my father in law! I also have to share what my princess made for her Grandad Strawberry (my dad’s nickname)…


Didn’t she do an amazing job with the ink sponging and the stamping? So proud of her… Not bad at all for an 8year old!


Best daddy ever papercut for Father’s Day!

Given my new obsession with paper cutting it is not surprising that it featured heavily in this years Father’s Day cards!

I started with this one for The hubby from the princess!


It started like this…


I traced this (of a sort) and turned it into a template…


Then I drew the reverse of the template so I could cut from the back…


And photocopied it onto a sheet of Whisper White using draft print settings on the printer. Then I started cutting…


In less than an hour I had this!


I thought Real Red and Basic Grey were a good colour combo for the hubby and so here it is the final paper cut and mount ready to stick on the front of a card! Hurrah!


Will share other Father’s Day cards in a day or so… I’m busy today with the hubby, my dad and my father in law. First time we have managed all the dad’s in one day for quite some time!

Happy crafting!


Paper cutting mania!

Yes more paper cutting! I am obsessed!

This time I drew the names in a heart then traced it onto the paper so it was backwards, then drew the swirls.

And this time used some reasonable quality printer paper. Nothing fancy as such, but not quite basic paper.


Not 100% sure I’ve finished this … There was more drawn on the back … But for the moment here is my family heart papercut. Also the Tempting Turquoise card stock is unlikely to the finished color for background, but was the colour to hand to take a picture!

In a quick update to last paper cutting post, I framed the first one I made just to see what it looked like…

Pretty cute?!?

Right I must sleep. Busy week ahead, and has been a busy weekend with decorating and “finishing off” chores such as picture, mirror and hook hanging! My back hurts from the painting but I am so happy with how we are progressing. This is a fabulous sign of how both me and the hubby are feeling better and actually motivated to do things! Whoop!

Happy crafting!


Paper cutting obsession … No ink in sight!

I am obsessed with something new!!! Papercutting! I entirely blame my gorgeous friends Lynn and Marie who have been sharing with me some fabulous papercuts they have created as gifts and got our whole raggy doll group obsessed with them… So I took the opportunity whilst feeling ill (revolting tummy bug) and confined to bed to start playing at the idea of paper cutting.

Now normally you would draw or print out the image after flipping it, but I just set to with paper and craft knife and created this…


It is quite small… Maybe 3″ in length and as you can see fairly raggedy and scruffy but still without a guide and my first use of a craft knife to do anything like this I was quite pleased, but also unable to stop there!

The next one I did sketch on the back and this improved the cutting no end …


Again this is a tiny one … About 2″ in length … So a real minature. I then wanted to use up some of the paper I had to hand so created this 2″ heart.


It was suggested that bigger may be easier … So I went to a different extreme and made one that is almost a4 in size… About 8″ x 9″


By this point the bed was full of bits and it was time to clear up my mess and lie down again … But I suspect many nights might be spent in the coming weeks (until another obsession starts) creating these beauties! Such fun, quite easy to start, I imagine difficult to perfect, a cheap to produce!

Happy crafting!


P.S. Yes I know I am behind on M & M and Tinsel Tuesday challenges… There has been a lot going on in this house so little time to get stuck into all my challenges but will catch up eventually! Watch this space!