Finishing off last month’s atcs 151 – 153

I thought I should just do a post with so the random atcs left to blog from last month…. So here goes. This is a painted background and then some bits and pieces from the desk … pretty butterflies!  Another pretty butterfly sticker and a background that has lots of layers of ink and paper […]

Raggy doll house number 5! 

Another day… another house and card to share!  The house got a bit of a whitewash type finish but with some purple undertones. The snow is the glass bead gel and Glitter sprinkles.  I then drew on the windows and doors. This one got a little porch at the front too!  Righto… the card!  I […]


Hi again Yes I seem to be back to blogging regularly again! Now as you may be aware I went AWOL for a few months. During that time, not much crafting took place, but I did do some arty stuff.  I’ve started a bullet journal (discovered through a friend on instagram) and one of the […]

Making use of mail art

A while ago I participated in a mail art swap where the decorated mail had to be small.  Well the gorgeous mail was put on my noticeboard for the last couple of months but now it is time to make use of some of it.  These two in particular made nice card toppers. All I […]