Doodling to find peace

The brain is pretty mashed up this week so I needed to get some peace in it … doodling did it for me!  I carried on making some doodled cards using some of the patterns from the #zentanglechallenge that I’ve been doing.   I drew the patterns directly onto the cards then used a mixture […]


Hi again Yes I seem to be back to blogging regularly again! Now as you may be aware I went AWOL for a few months. During that time, not much crafting took place, but I did do some arty stuff.  I’ve started a bullet journal (discovered through a friend on instagram) and one of the […]

Finding zen!

Hello there blog readers!  Today has been another full on day in the Inky fingered household! An emergency trip to sort out a poorly relative, cleaning and sorting of the house (well a third of the house), Wimbledon watching (well done Andy Murray!), cinema trip (Secret life of pets …. funny!), a bit of crafting […]