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AJSS lesson 2 with Marieke

Today I have more #ajss2018 to share. I’m already a little behind on lessons with having had a busy weekend away without supplies as I knew I wouldn’t have done anything … so this is from last week.

Marieke’s lesson was about journaling on the road and had lots of doodles and odd faces. So I wasn’t on the road to do this but still it was fun just seeing where the doodles took me and the oddities I came up with!

Whilst I hadn’t been on a road trip I still included some symbols from my weekend … it included bike buying, England winning a football match and the child camping… wonder if you can spot how I symbolised these?

My page is very different from Marieke’s and I used a lot of black paint and perhaps a larger brush to apply it. But still I had fun adding marks and doodling.

I used papers I had put into my bag for the AJSS but Marieke included some lovely papers as a download so need to get these printed for using at another time.

This was outside of my comfort zone in terms of journaling but really enjoyed the playtime and may try this again at some point.

Happy crafting!


AJSS, Neocolors II, Watercolour paints

#AJSS title page and first endeavours

So I am officially loving #ajss2018 and the first few lessons that were released on Sunday. I woke up, watched them all, then rewatched the first one again and sketched my flamingo page whilst I ate breakfast. Then off to add colour and details in stages… so by 12noon my first page was already done!

Here are the progress pics…

Super happy with this.

I then moved onto my title page. This time I used the neocolors as watercolour pans to create the letters and the splatters and a little washi tape to cover a splodge I messed up!

Then some pencil to add definition to the letters. Jobs a good’un!

Next lesson was Iris is more mixed media and some free drawing and so will cover what I made with that in another post.

And then the next lesson from Marieke was using papers and doodling… so what I did with that will follow on another day!

Safe to say I am super happy with the course so far. Challenging me to do something different and have fun with the limited supplies.

Happy crafting!


AJSS, Deco art fluid acrylics, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Masks/Stencils

#ajss20 the cover

I’ve joined an online class … Art Journal Summer School 2018 … deciding that I needed some inspiration and guidance as my mojo had disappeared for a bit. The class starts 1st of July … but there were a couple of bonus videos just released so I’ve done my cover using the video as inspiration.

The idea is journaling with limited supplies so even though I’m not likely to do much whilst travelling (My hols rarely are the type where I can!) The idea is that this is the type of journaling that lends itself to journaling on the go!

As over the summer I don’t have full use of the craft room (the parents coming back to the UK means it has to become a bedroom again!) my plan is to construct the same kit as if I was travelling with it so I can have it accessible for crafting not in the craft room! So today I will be digging through the cupboards to find an appropriate sized bag to keep stuff in (ideally a toiletries type of bag!) and filling it with supplies.

As for the cover…

I’ve chosen a Daler Rowney ring bound journal and I masked off the edges with blue tape. I covered it with gesso, then added the fresco finish paints. Then I stamped some text in the background using the same colours and chose a stencil from the stash. I stopped through the stencil with Bourganvillia paint and then added splashes with the pink and the white gesso.

Then I used black decoart fluid acrylic for the lettering with paint brushes… scary to do (I hate my hand lettering!) but loved the effect I got in the end.

The best part was removing the tape to find crisp neat edges. I just need to varnish it to protect it and then I am done!

I will blog my AJSS exploits of course so you will be able to see what I get up to!

Happy crafting!