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#DYICAD2020 week 5

Week 5… here we go…

Here are my efforts…

Again the weekend ones I never manage to do on time… So they were done this morning!

Happy to have finished another week off though!


#DYICAD2020 – week 1

So I am joining in with the Daisy yellow Index card a day challenge over on Instagram. Here were the first weeks prompts…

Fortunately the prompts are optional as on day 2 I got it into my head the prompt was primrose not marigold! Lol!

Here are my cards..

Loved week 1. Some different ways of interpreting the prompts came out. The one I found most difficult was the final one… the map ended up covering the first attempt that just looked hideous… but hey, got there eventually!

Happy crafting!


#DYICAD2019 week 3 round up

This week the theme for the Index cards is…And the prompts…So here are my cards for this week…Struggling to upload the pic of chandelier…. be patient with me!Poop! That’s when life got in the way and I stopped.Hate it when that happens. Need to get back to it again asap!Happy crafting!Catherine

#DYICAD2019 week 1 round up

Whilst I’ve been ill I have still managed to do a little creating by joining in with the Index Card a Day challenge hosted by gypsy999 on Instagram. I don’t always follow the prompt (e.g. didn’t do reflection and instead the flowers one is a random one I made during this week)…

Here are the cards I made for the first week…

There is also another theme for each week and this week the theme was …

Hopefully you can see I tried to keep to that for this first week even though I went off prompt.

Will be back in a few days to share week 2!

Happy crafting!


It’s been a busy week!

Work has been very busy so not had much crafting or blogging time … thankful that I had a few prepped and ready to post… but tonight I got back into the craft room which was a relief and filmed a few things (coming up on future blogs) and caught up with my #dyicad2018 index card a day challenge.

These are the latest five in the compilation… And below the six before that!

I love the randomness of the cards and how each one sits on its own as a little piece of art.

Happy crafting!


#dyicad2018 catch up

Yes I am still going strong with this year’s Index card a day challenge.

These are days 30 through to 35. Lots of different mediums, colours and styles being used. Really love the funky hair one with the frame and that Indigo Blu fish is fab!

And then the next six days…

I adore the baked texture embossing powder on the modelling paste stencilled word on the last one, and then the contrast of that with the cute panda, and then the sketch of day 36!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this collection of cards.

Happy crafting!


ICAD catch up

I am loving creating a little bit everyday. It has been a good spur for my mojo and so satisfying to use up bits from my desk too!

I’ve included all the cards made so far… 29 Days so far!

I love how different they all are, the different styles and mediums and techniques used. Some are so simple and others more involved.

Happy crafting!