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#dyicad2018 catch up again

I’ve not managed to do much in the way of finished projects recently but I have been keeping up with this year’s Index card a day.

So here are the next six… taking me up to day 18!

Happy crafting!


#DYICAD2018 catch up

Hi there…

Twelve days of this year’s #dyicad2018 to share with you tonight.

I’m loving taking a few mins every day to create in some way even though they are not perfect pieces or even in some cases finished pieces of art… it’s just the time for creativity that makes them special.

Hope you enjoy them and are also taking time to create!

Happy crafting!



A few years ago I managed all of the 61 days of ICAD which is run by Daisy Yellow. Last year I did a few. This year in determined to get in a bit of creativity every day but this time not going to restrict myself to the prompts. Just going to do something on an index card every day!

So I started yesterday (it being the 1st of June) and as we were away I kept it simple with a new set of crayons I bought that are like distress crayons…

… and a title cut from the back of a receipt I had in my purse.

Today for day 2 I used the same crayons for the background and created a collage from a tourist leaflet I had…. oh and some washi tape I had in my handbag too!

Not bad for creating with very few supplies. Happy with my start for this year’s #dyicad2018

Happy crafting!