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The last Patwits circle journal round 2

Hello. One last journal spread to share with you in round two of the Patwits circle journal project. This time it is Claire’s fab house shaped journal. 

I started with layering down different papers. I used the Tim Holtz tissue wrap, book papers, washi tape and then some stamping too using Hot picks stamps.

Then I added gesso. This made the background more unified. 

I also added some stencilling using modelling paste but it’s not very clear on the picture above.  Might be clearer on the close up below.

Next it was time for colour and I chose to use my Brushos. I chose warm colours to start and then also added the Jofy flowers. 

More colour… This time I was more specific in adding colour to the flowers. Once it was dry I added doodling.

I turned the stencilled pieces into flowers and added some doodles flowers too. 

There are also some liquid pearl and some copper acrylic ink spots too to add some shine and shimmer. 

The quotes are Tim Holtz stickers and I thought they finished off the page nicely. 

So that’s my last spread in this round and soon it will be time for me to get mine back too. I can’t wait to see and stroke all the amazing artwork. And then … off we go with round number three. Exciting! 

Happy crafting! 


Brushos, Hot Picks, Inktense, Derwent, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal

PATWITS circle journal… Deborah’s turn

Another PATWITS circle journal to share today. This time it is Deborah’s hand shaped journal. 

As per usual I adored all the artwork in the pages already completed and felt overwhelmed and nervous about whether I could come close to matching their beauty. But I quickly threw the doubts to one side as they wouldn’t achieve anything and set to with the medium I felt like using at the time… Brushos. 

I chose ultramarine, purple, pressman blue and tried to keep them quite light to make sure I kept the dispersal patterns. 

Already I loved this. Next I attacked the page with stencils… and gesso and texture paste and ink. Again I love how this was shaping up.

The hand shaped made me grab a Paperartsy mini stamp for the right hand side and the numbers stencil too. Then I started to focus on the title.  I also started adding depth to the framing of the pages with plenty of inking.

the next step was more stamping and then doodling and mark making round shapes. I also added some depth to shapes and spots of colour using Inktense pencils.

I finished it off with the quite stickers and the stamped title. I made this over the course of several days.and was very happy with it. Should have remembered to get a better picture than this but it’s already off with the next person so this is the best I can do. 

Looking forward to receiving one more journal and then mine will be coming back to me. Such a lovely project to have been involved in. 

Happy crafting!


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PATWITS circle journal… Marie’s journal pages

It’s been an age since I shared a circle journal page … so glad I can share this one. This is a really special one as although it’s a PATWITS circle journal… it is for one of my raggy doll sisters! The lovely Marie made a fab circle journal for us all to work in and the instructions were to do both sides of the page…. so here is my first side. I used a lot of different book print papers to add texture and pattern and then a mix of coral and autumn fire and terracotta and chalk fresco finish paint to do the background with some flicks of Bora Bora too. Then some iridescent medium through a heart stencil and lots of Darcy heart stamping and embossing. Then doodling and outlining and inking. The big heart I also gave a coat of the opal magic paint. Then found the he perfect quote for the page for Marie. 

Next is the reverse and this time I went a little different.  

I decided to do an ombre type background with the paints and then use the Lynne Perrella stamps as the main feature. I then grabbed the Darcy sentiment and some of the bits and pieces from the Artful Days goodie box to finish off. 

Love how incredibly different both sides are and that they both started with similar colours but went pastel for one and rich for the other. 

Hopefully Marie will like it too. 

Happy crafting! 


Artful Days Goodie Box, Ellen Vargo, Hot Picks, Inktense, Derwent, Kim Dellow, Lin Brown, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Washi tape

Jules’ patwits circle journalĀ 

Oh I am so behind on this project … I had the lovely Jules’ journal for weeks before I got started on it….in fact at least two weeks after I should have sent it on its way to the next person… ah well better late than never! 

So I chose a spread and started with a layer of book print and washi tape and masking tape creating texture a plenty. 

Next a layer of gesso to blend the different papers together. 

Then a sprinkling of bistre (just like Brusho but more coarse) in brown.  This came from the Artful Days goodie box I got a month or so ago and the book print made me reach for it. This was taken whilst it wad very wet. I knew with the gesso it would take on a creamier colour though so I knew the end result would be paler.

I love the way the puddles form on the page and react differently to the different surfaces.  I also love the splashes that spraying the way created too. I also know not to fall in love with it at this stage though as this is only a layer in the page… plenty more to go! 

Skip forward a day and the page is dry and time to attack it again! This time stamping and some paint and some ink. 

I kept adding more and more layer using ink and paint and stamps and stencils. 

Time to add the final pieces… and a title.  I knew I wanted go use the keys from the Artful Days goodie box. I added these and the title to the left hand side of the page and then made a little layered section on the right using more of the Bistre powder this time in with some glass bead gel and corrugated card and a piece of patterned paper.  

This was it when it was still wet. 

Love the colours i chose for this…. and how the page emerged without much prodding. 

Happy crafting! 


Artful Days Goodie Box, Clare Lloyd, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Hot Picks, Kim Dellow, Lin Brown, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal

PATWITS circle journal… Jo’s ATC journal

It feels like a long time since I shared anything from the PATWITS circle journal.  I actually finished this one a week ago when my ankle forced me into sitting still for a while. The ankle is still causing bother but less painful now thankfully and so although driving is still an issue the pain of standing and hobbling isn’t as bad.

Jo’s journal is a neat idea. It is made up of pockets and the instructions are to make a master board 8×8 size, then cut into 4 ATC’S using the template provided and then stick three in the pocket as they are and decorate another for the front of the pocket. 

So I took some dsp (so that the back was patterned a little too) and created my master board.  I decided on go with autumnal colours because at the time I couldn’t get enough of terracotta and autumn fire fresco finish paints.  I also added Haystack, Mahogany, Taupe, Mermaid and Bora Bora. All of which look delicious together.

I built the patterns using both stencils and stamps. I mainly used Hot Picks stamps and Lin Brown stamps for this as thought they made lovely subtle backgrounds and then the dramatic pop of the mahogany on the top finished it off. 

I loved this so much I had to squeeze 5 atcs out so I could keep one for use another time too! plus there are some of the offcuts I didn’t throw away.

So I popped three into the pocket and started decorating the pocket outside. As per usual I got carried away and forgot to take pics. 

So this is where I got to before I remembered to take a picture. 

I added stamping to the pocket using the same colour paints and also added some to the ATC. Then I opened up my Steampunk Artful Days goodie box and decided to use the laser cut chipboard bits as they colour so nicely and work perfectly as a frame. 

 I had already coloured them with distress stains so I added some of the fresco finish paints and some stamping on the top to bring them into the colour scheme of the pocket.

Once they were stuck down I also infilled a couple of the cogs with the gel bead medium. Next I chose my focal images of the Kim Dellow birds and stamped them onto card I had already coloured with paint. I then added some details in other coloured paints and cut them out and stuck them down. 

I then did the same with the sentiment.

Once it had all dried I then added some highlights with the white pen and some with the gold pen. I also added a little shading using a Pitt big brush pen.

Now to turn it over and add something to the back.  I started by painting an orange tag using the same colours, and added a bit of pattern using the Kim Dellow stamp and paint.  Then I added some torn music paper and then a strip of the leftover master board. I also added another two strips to the little pocket to stick out from underneath the tag. 

I then added some Kim Dellow stamping and a Clare Lloyd word.  

Loved doing this little project and love the master board I created. 

Thanks Jo for the inspiration and hope you like what I made.

Happy crafting!



Canvas and Mixed Media art, Clare Lloyd, Digital stamps, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Hot Picks, Kim Dellow, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal

PATWITS circle journal: Chris’s ribbon holder journalĀ 

Today I can share with you the creations I added to Chris’ cute little ribbon holder journal.  Here is side one…

I created the background using fresco finish paint, stamps and stencils and then stamped the main image straight onto the background. I then added translucent paints to add more colour.  I then added a transparent glossy texture paste over the top through a stencil. Love the effect this gives to the final project.

The other side I got a completely different style. 

Again  the background was created using stamps and stencils with Fresco finish paints but this time I also added some Seth style doodles and marks. 

The main feature is a digital stamp from Ppinky dolls. After colouring her with Promarkers I added her to the background and then framed her with a hand drawn frame. I then added gilding wax to the outside of the frame to add some sheen to the finish. 

Love how I achieved two very different looks to the ribbon holder tag. Hope Chris likes them too! 

Happy crafting!


Canvas and Mixed Media art, Ellen Vargo, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Hot Picks, JOFY, Kim Dellow, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Seth Apter (PA)

PATWITS circle journal… Hazel’s journal

Yes I am back with another journal page. This time it was the turn of Hazel who I recently had the pleasure of meeting in person at the Seth Apter day.she has constructed a fab junk journal using different types of paper and Cardstock.  

I chose a piece of textured paper with really cute ladybirds punched on the edges.

I started adding paint (Coral, Haystack, Chalk, Guacamole, Midnight, Mahogany and Mermaid) and before I knew it a page had come together. 

I used a mixture of stencils and stamps and the feature is built using the gorgeous Kim Dell own stamps.

You can probably tell I also went a bit mad with both a white paint pen and some coloured paint pens. I was pretty much Seth inspired after the fabulous weekend and thought Hazel would appreciate it!

The page is designed so there is a fold and so I decorated this to match…

… although obviously not the same.

Then the other side I did another Seth Apter style project on a little canvas board and adhered this to the back. I used the same palette of paints but the page has a very different feel.

I love the little JoFy birds I added as the features.

I now have one more page to do in another journal… wonder how that will turn out!

Happy crafting! 


Canvas and Mixed Media art, Dies, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Lin Brown, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Raggy Dolls, Seth Apter (PA)

Seth Apter Paperartsy retreat

I am awake at SILLY O’CLOCK! Because the hen party in the rooms next to ours have returned after their shenanigans in Ilford and now I’m awake.  So thought I would be productive and tell you about my wonderful day creating my canvas with Seth Apter and Paperartsy. 

I am delighted with it and it is so beyond my comfort zone.  Such a great project and I am really proud of it. 

Seth was such a brilliant teacher and inspired me with new techniques and some easy to follow demonstrations.

I mean looking at the picture of the finished canvas you wouldn’t believe it started life like this….

There were so many lovely layers to the project and I know if it was true Seth style it probably would have more but there is only so much time in one day! 

And everyone’s creations looked so different. We all had the same paint choice and stencils and stamps to play with but each canvas looked unique and I didn’t spot one in the room that wasn’t fabulous. 

The whole event ran so smoothly and the food provided was delicious. I took very few people pictures but did have to get one with teacher of course… 

And some of my raggy doll sisters were with me …. 

There were also some of my PATWITS circle journal gang there but didn’t think to take a pic with them. But it was great to meet them and put faces to names of some of the other PATWITS too. 

I stole this pic from Darcy who took loads of pictures of the event (in between making her own fabulous canvas) of me in my typical pose!

Not exactly sure if my tongue only comes out if I touch my ear or not? 

And then the group photo… 

Can you spot me? 

Top left peeking over the top of my canvas. 

Suffice it to say I had a wonderful creative day. And now the hen do girls have gone quiet I am going to attempt more sleep. 

Happy crafting! 


fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, Hot Picks, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal

Shaped circle journal

Time for me to share another page in the shaped circle journal.  This time it was Wanda’s journal.  She had made this adorable scalloped circle journal which she hand stitched. It is only small and that presented the main issue with my creating…. what on earth to use as the feature image? 

I decided to just go with the flow… and get some paint down! But first I added some dressmaking pattern paper to add texture and a little bit of pattern.  

I used Cheesecake,  Coral, Autumn Fire and Bora Bora for the paint colours.

After layering paint and stencilling I decided on Hot Picks stamps. I chose the lovely bird stamp which I stamped on tissue paper before adding it onto the page. 

I added doodled circles and lines around the edges. 

Loved working on this journal…. so cute and the pretty scallops are so lovely. Hope Wanda likes it too.

Happy crafting! 


Canvas and Mixed Media art, Clare Lloyd, fresco finish paints, Paperartsy, JOFY, Kim Dellow, Masks/Stencils, PATWITS circle journal, Treasure Gold

Tracy’s PATWITS journal

Time for another patwits journal page to share…. This time in Tracy’s lovely mixed shape journal. All of the spreads have different edges and some reveal the pages below.  I can’t wait to see how it all looks at the end when the pages are complete.  I imagine it will look stunning! 

Anyways… what to do in this fabulous journal???


A quick round up of the layers!
Fresco finish paints, distress crayons, stamps and stencils.  Then a Clare Lloyd girl. 

Then I stopped… unsure what else to do!


Decided to add some treasure gold to the girls dress.


Added some more doodles to the girl and outlined her dress and hair again with Indian ink.

Then decided to add some of Kim Dellow’s circle trees/flowers dangling from the top!



After colouring the dangling circles I added more doodling to them using the Indian ink and the same to the girl and round the page. I also then stamped the quote stamp onto the page. I wanted the heart word to stand out though so I added a pearl accents heart and then added the heart word on another piece of cardstock I doodled round and embedded it in the heart.

I added dots of the pearl accents and some glossy accents round the page for a bit of additional texture and of course my name and the month so Tracy knows who did the page.


Really happy with how this came out. Love doing circle journals and the joy of getting one in the post to pour over the details of what has already been created.

Happy crafting!