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Raggy doll house number 7

Last of the raggy doll Christmas houses to share today, with the coordinating card too of course.  In fact I will start with the card. No in progress photos at all as I just got stuck in and made it! 

I added paint to the panel of cardstock in colours that went with the house and then stamped some Darcy stamps around the background. I also added some stencilling.  I then got the fabulous reindeer stamp she designed and stamped that in Copper paint.  I did the same with the sentiment lightly in the background.  I then took some coloured Cardstock and stamped the sentiment again in the copper so it could stand out.  I distressed the edge of the sentiment strip and added the to the card  front.

Then I layered up the painted panel with some sequin waste and the cardstock and got the sewing machine out to sew them together at jaunty angles. again I distressed the edge of the coloured Cardstock.  I then found the cute little reindeer in my stash so added the copper paint to that before adding it to the card.

I finished with more copper paint to each of the distressed edges and the edge of the card blank.

The house started life just like the others but then I white washed it with a coat of gesso so it got lighter. I then added some of the pale blue paint again and then sorted out the snowy roof using a mix of glass beads gel ano some flower soft snow I found in the stash when having a clear out. 

And then I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished house so you will have to just imagine it! Lol! I really am such a muppet! 

Ah well … this is it for my raggy doll house posts…. have some stuff planned for January but not much between now and then…. but will pop by tomorrow for a journal page I’ve done so see you all later! 

Happy crafting! 


Raggy doll house number 5! 

Another day… another house and card to share! 

The house got a bit of a whitewash type finish but with some purple undertones. The snow is the glass bead gel and Glitter sprinkles.  I then drew on the windows and doors. This one got a little porch at the front too! 

Righto… the card! 

I chose the brighter colours of the paints… amethyst and bora bora . .. and swiped them and printed them using another piece of paper.  That paper then became the tag for the topper. 

Back to the background… I added iridescent medium through a stencil and also some of the Darcy snowflakes.

The house and the card both had a bit of sari scraps ribbon added to them to link the two of them. 

Another lovely house and enjoyed making this one too…. three more to make now!  Come back tomorrow to see another one! 

Happy crafting !


Raggy Doll Christmas house # 4

Another of my Christmas houses to share today. Of course there is also the coordinating card. 

This is the point I got to with the house when I first took pictures… yes nearly but not quite finished. I went for a slightly brighter colour finish for this one including some neon pink paint flicks! I also went for an iridescent medium roof and some clear sequins to decorate.  I added word stamping to the house which also tied it in with the card.

The card started life as a piece I had wiped texture paste onto so already pretty cool. I added the paint in patches and also added chalk fresco finish paint to give it some “white” space.  Then I started stamping.  

I used the big Papermania stamp to add the subtle words and then the word joy from a Paperartsy set. The Christmas lights across the top are from the same set. 

Next I added iridescent medium through a stencil and let it dry. I also added the Tim Holtz die cut trees. 

Now time to finish off…

Glitter, sequins and a sentiment, inking and mounting and distressing all going on to finish off the card.

Now back to the house. 

I made the windows and doors look more integral to the house by adding some shading using the Pitt pens from Faber-Castell. I also added a little more of the iridescent medium rubbed in with my finger to give the house more of a sheen. 
One more to share tomorrow… please pop back to see how the final one looks.

Happy crafting!


Raggy doll Christmas house number three!

Another day… another house to share! 

This time I thought I would start with the card I made… I started with layers of Fresco finish paint and then some stencilling. 

I then added some stamping again using the paints. I also added the iridescent medium through another stencil. Once that was dry time to add some doodling. 

I then added the die cuts and plenty of stickles. I added a tag I decorated with similar colours and the stamps I used were all from Creative Stamping magazine.  I used some lovely sari ribbon for the embellishment and a cute button. 

Right now onto the house… I added the similar colours to the house.  Please bear in mind though that the house started blue and other colours as I did all of them with the same base background.  

You can still see some of the patterns and colour from the base coming through … I like that.  I also added the star and snowflake stamping too to tie it into the card more.  

The roof was moulded using paper clay and then painted with the iridescent medium mixed with some of the glass bead gel… this makes it super shiny!  I also gave it a little roof window type room to make it a bit different.

I decided as the card had the base of the black the I would make the windows and doors black too. So they are drawn using a white gel pen and then glued in place. 

And here is the finished article. The windows are a little wonky but I love how it looks…. very different from the previous three … not sure if I can manage eight completely different ones but pleased with the four I’ve done so far! 

Again pop back tomorrow to see the next house! 

Happy crafting! 


Raggy doll Christmas house #2

Another raggy doll Christmas house to share with you today… and the card that goes with it. If you are wondering what I am on about please see the previous post where I explain. 

This house has a different roof from the others as I used paperclay to shape the roof along with the snowdrift on it. 

I then added a layer of the gold Angel hair fabric for texture. I then added iridescent medium onto the roof and some Glitter to be the snow and let it dry.

I then moved onto the matching card. More Angel hair fabric… 

… and then set to with the fresco finish paint, some stamps and stencils. 

I love the colour scheme of Midnight, Bora Bora, Buff and South Pacific. I also added some iridescent medium through a stencil. 

I did the same on another piece of cardstock to layer up on the main piece. 

I finished off with the angel hair and then the focal image of the deer. All the stamps were freebie ones from last year from Creative Stamping magazine. Absolutely love the way this came out. Just love the texture and shine and colour scheme. 

Now back to the house. I added the same colours and some similar stamping and then some little windows and doors…. and the finishing touch of a pretty bead for the chimney pot! 

So cute. Love how each of the houses are all getting their own little personalities… hopefully the recipient likes the one I chose for them.  Pop back tomorrow to see how the next one looks. 

Happy crafting! 


Raggy doll Christmas house #1

For the next few days I will be sharing the houses I made for my raggy doll sisters and their Christmas cards! 

One of the girls, Lynn, had a massive wooden stamp changeover. She took a large selection of Stampin Up wood mounted stamps and removed them from their wooden blocks so she could store more of them in the same space… as a result ended up with many wooden blocks that needed repurpossing! 

We came up with the idea of turning them into little houses and next thing we knew we all had blocks sent to us for us to make Christmas houses for each other as Christmas presents.

So this is the first post sharing what I did with the wooden blocks. 

I gessoed and then stuck together blocks using a hot glue gun into ‘house’ configurations. Then painted all of them with the same combination of paints and with some book print onto some sides too. 

This house was the first I finished and is closest to the Base painting that I did. For the roof on this one I got some sturdy card and used hi tack glue to secure it and then used some paperclay to fill in the gap underneath. Once this was dry I added more gesso and then a layer of glass beads gel and sprinkled it with Glitter whilst it was still wet. 
I drew the windows and doors and doodled on the house a little with white paint pen too. 

I thought it needed something else so I added the painted hessian star to the top to finish off! 

It was as this had been finished that I then decided to make a card for each of the recipients to match their house. I can’t tell you whose this is as the house and card are wrapped up ready for opening on Christmas day! 

So for this one I took the same paint colours and made a background using some of the techniques from the Seth Apter day I went on in September. I used snowflake stamps and the sentiment from a magazine set and the stars were done using a stencil. 

The bottom piece was created from the palette I used to create the background layer and the above picture is when I was waiting for the glass beads gel to dry.

Once the glass beads gel was dry I added more doodles and then the bottom piece on top with some foam pads to give some more dimension. 

Love how this came together and looks so good with the little house to match too! 

Happy crafting! 


Raggy doll journal catch up

I played catch up at the weekend to get up to date with my raggy doll collaborative journal project. I had to do a Geometric shape themed page with the background Jackie had done and start a winged things background.  Here’s what I got up to…

Jackie had done this fab pink and silver background.  I started adding to it using shape stencils. First the triangles. Then I moved onto the block pattern and some black paint…

Then I got some stamps out and started stamping… I used quite a few including the Kim Dellow ones from Paperartsy. 

Next I chose to create some squares of texture using iridescent medium and then half way through the drying process I blasted it with heat to pump up the texture.

I then did some doodling and added my “quote” as I thought it worked with the theme. 
Next I had to create a background for a ‘winged things’ theme. I started with a base of white Dylusions paint and then a layer of black Dylusions paint.  Whilst that was still wet I added  stencil and wiped through with a baby wipe. 

This created a great diagonal to work with. I punched lots of butterflies using a punch from music and book print. I added these using Matt medium. Once this was dry I added a coat of the Art alchemy opal magic paint (which I am in love with) and this turned the whole page pink… or blue dependent on which way you look at it! 

I then added splatters of back paint and then some stamping in black archival to finished the background off for Leanne to finish. 

Loved working on these pages.