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Raggydoll sisters … a new circle journal

My raggydoll sisters are some of my favourite people in the world.  We formed our sisterhood through a circle journal and I know we will be friends for life.  One of the group had had some time away from art journalling and needed some help getting started again so I suggested a journal swap and a few others wanted to join in… so we are currently a group of five on this project. 

The idea is to do a background on a journal page and then pass it to the next person for them to finish.  They then create a background and pass the journal onto someone else who will then finish the page etc.  No idea how this will work in reality but it was a bit different from the usual circle journal ideas so I thought it was worth a try.

So I wanted to keep costs low for this for my journal so created this loose leaf journal from pieces of scrap cardstock that I had to hand. They are all the backs from patterned paper packs or watercolour pads.  I cut them down to roughly 6×6 inches.  The covers were a thicker cardstock and I cut these slightly larger.  For the time being they are bound with book rings to make life easy for posting and for them to be created on.


So my first background I decided to add some sewing pattern pieces to.


This added some texture and pattern.  As I had them out I decided to add Brushos and use satin glaze to activate them which should make them more permanent.


I used Purple, Brilliant Red and Cobalt Blue.  I loved this effect and will be trying this again but for this background I wanted something more.

So next I took my brayer and some cream coloured acrylic paint and added it to the page.


This picked up the texture and muted the colours a little.


Next I stamped the Dictionary stamp in archival and the Everything Eleanor swirl in purple acrylic paint.


I then added the stencilled pattern and loads of white and black splatters.  And done!

The theme for this page is flowers… I wonder how Leanne who will finish the page will finish it… It is such a strange but cool idea to now leave the whole page for her to finish off!   I also get a page to finish off that Marie has started.  This is an exciting project and will share how it goes over the next few months.


I also started on the journal cover. Not entirely sure that the plan was to do the covers too at this point but at least I’ve got it started.

Here is the first stage.


I used brushos and satin glaze to add the background and then acrylic paint for the stencil and stamping.

Happy crafting!


Art journalling, raggy dolls, all about me!

Last month I shared with you that my group of crafting friends, aka raggy dolls, have embarked on a new challenge.  If you don’t remember… Go look at my post here.

Anyway, that was last month, and that was all about Lynn.  This month it was my turn to be interviewed! Scary!  It turned out to be quite funny and ended up talking about all sorts of stuff! 

Here is the page I made inspired from that chat.

I decide to make my page, my front cover for the journal I am using for this project.  So I cut a piece of card to fit and worked on that.  I added some layers of papers that happened to be sat on the desk at the time and had a fair amount of green in them.  Then I pushed back that layer with some gesso scraped on.  Next I took another piece of cardstock (very thin cardstock) and heat embossed this tree scene … Inspired by the original artwork for A Little Night Music.  I added some paint, masking the moon, and then cut that out.  Then I added different colours of blue paint to the background piece.  

I decided on placement of the tree scene and then used the foliage mask to create some textured leaves… Representing some plants in a dream planting scheme.  Whilst this was drying I set about creating the Desiree in my mind (character Judi Dench played in National production of A little night music).  This could also be representative of a strictly dancer.

I used a Julie Nutting stamp and lightly stamped it in Smoky Slate.  Then used a pencil to change the image.  The cut it out, and added paint.  I placed her in place and then left the page for a couple of nights.

Then as per usual got carried away and forgot pictures in progress except these two…

I added some pearlescent paint to the raised plants in the foreground and around the edge , using my finger to blend.  I had also added some stamping to the background using a grid type stamp from Kaisercraft. I also added some black soot distress ink to grunge up the edges some more. 

Next I stamped a birdcage onto acetate using Stayzon and cut it out.  I added a bird and some music to the background and stuck the birdcage down with glossy accents.  This represents I know why a caged bird sings.

I used inktense pencils to add some depth to the woman and then stamped out a quote from a Maya Angelou poem.  I stuck it down using mod Podge and then added the washi tape border to add some protection to the edges. 

Really pleased with this … Especially considering at the end of the “interview” I had no idea what to do.  It took a little bit of chatting with the hubby to go through some of the questions before I managed to latch onto a visual image and go with that… It was most definitely that of the amazing Judi Dench in the red dress as Desiree in A Little Night Music.  I so wish I had seen this production.  Watching her perform send in the clowns for the Sondheim prom on TV a couple of years ago sent shivers down my spine!  Here is a link to the UTube video of that performance… I could watch the first thirty seconds of that video over and over as a masterclass in becoming a character.  She walks on as herself, she acknowledges the hall, then she bows her head and out comes the character.  Stunningly talented actor.  A true artist at work! 

So this was my page about me.  Not sure who is next to be interviewed, but this is a fun project and leading some really interesting artwork. 

Happy crafting!


Raggy doll art journal page… Inspired by Lynn

This year my gang of raggy doll sisters and I have a new challenge… Make a page inspired by the answers of one of us to some questions. Darcy is our organiser and her Blog explains it really well… This is the first page I am sharing.

Inspired by Lynn!

And here is how I made my page…
1. Create a background by doodling across the page creating many sections.
2. Coloured in the sections randomly using SU markers.
3. Sketched a Tudor circus chicken… Don’t ask!?!
4. Cut bits of the chicken out of book print.
5. Added a layer of gesso and then added some texture paste through a stencil which is Latin type text.
6. Make up the chicken and colour using Inktense pencils. Add to page but decide it needs to be a more muted background.
7. Add black paint to the background and wipe off with baby wipes for a more translucent effect that captures the texture.
8. Add the chicken back… Yes that’s a bit better
9. Add gilding wax to the pages which helps give the pages a metallic and more regal look.

Then forget to take pictures!

Stick the chicken on the page. Create some fab clown shoes and stick them on. Carve an egg stamp and stamp onto book print… The chicken is created from Charlie and the a Great Glass Elevator from pages talking about youth, the eggs and the bunting are from Shakespeare in keeping with the Tudor theme! Both relevant to the answers Lynn gave. Stick the eggs down. Handcut some bunting that looks a bit like the awning of a shop.

Scrape paint onto cardstock and stamp the question and answer. Stick this down and buff the gilding wax some more. Add some doodling.

Hey presto… The strangest page I have probably ever created… Love it!


This month… It’s my turn to be questioned…. Can’t wait to see what that leads to! 

 Happy crafting! 



Paper cutting obsession … No ink in sight!

I am obsessed with something new!!! Papercutting! I entirely blame my gorgeous friends Lynn and Marie who have been sharing with me some fabulous papercuts they have created as gifts and got our whole raggy doll group obsessed with them… So I took the opportunity whilst feeling ill (revolting tummy bug) and confined to bed to start playing at the idea of paper cutting.

Now normally you would draw or print out the image after flipping it, but I just set to with paper and craft knife and created this…


It is quite small… Maybe 3″ in length and as you can see fairly raggedy and scruffy but still without a guide and my first use of a craft knife to do anything like this I was quite pleased, but also unable to stop there!

The next one I did sketch on the back and this improved the cutting no end …


Again this is a tiny one … About 2″ in length … So a real minature. I then wanted to use up some of the paper I had to hand so created this 2″ heart.


It was suggested that bigger may be easier … So I went to a different extreme and made one that is almost a4 in size… About 8″ x 9″


By this point the bed was full of bits and it was time to clear up my mess and lie down again … But I suspect many nights might be spent in the coming weeks (until another obsession starts) creating these beauties! Such fun, quite easy to start, I imagine difficult to perfect, a cheap to produce!

Happy crafting!


P.S. Yes I know I am behind on M & M and Tinsel Tuesday challenges… There has been a lot going on in this house so little time to get stuck into all my challenges but will catch up eventually! Watch this space!

Raggy doll magic moment!

Yes another Raggy doll journal page! This time a page for me!

The prompt was something to do with interpreting lyrics from a song which had me stumped because my favourite lyrics to a song are honesty by Billy Joel but had no idea how to use that in a page.

So instead went for a rummage through old sheet music and found Magic Moments by Burt Bacarach. Might be cheesy but I do like this song.

So here was my starting point. I used the sheet music as the base and cut it to size. Added some gesso and then some colours onto using a roller.

I used some silver paint to stamp the stars down the right hand side and then roughly rolled some down the left.

Next up I used the lid of the paint tube and the end of the tube to make some marks randomly on the page.


I added the title of the music back in and then distressed the page using Black soot distress ink. Then I used a scrap of card from which I had punched a leaf branch and used as a stencil to push silver and black paint through along the bottom of the page.

I then hunted through my stamps for a feature image as I didn’t have one in mind. I found the hot air balloon stamp and thought it was a lovely image I could use, imagining that a hot air balloon ride would be fairly magical as moments go!!! I stamped it out several times onto Whisper White cardstock and used Pacific Point & Melon Mambo ink and aqua painters to colour them.


Then it was time to cut them out and layer up the one in the foreground with some dimensional foam pads and curving the cardstock round. I stuck them to the page and then added some more distress ink to blend them into the page a little more. I also added a little glossy accents to the balloon baskets to give them some texture. At this point I decided the background needs something else to turn it into a sky… So found a simple cloud outline stamp and stamped it in Versamark and then heat embossed with white detail powder. This was not exactly easy as I hadn’t exactly waited for all the layers to dry and also as the paper was quite fragile there is a distinct burn mark in one place as I held my heat gun a little too close… But you know what, I have learnt to love these little ‘creative features’ in art journaling! So different from the clean approach to card making and scrapbooking I take!


So now it it time to think about words … Well I usually find a quote or poem or something by the power of google … But I knew what I needed to write on this page … So using a silver marker and black paper I created the phrase and stuck it on! Perfect for how I feel about my Raggy doll sisters!


All that was left was to affix it to some scrapbooking paper ready for when we swap pages and then bind our journals together!


I did add some more distressing once it was on the paper just to make it all come together more.

Such fun creating these and actually finished my two UFO’s for January as I had pledged! Horrah!

Happy crafting!


Raggy Doll catch up … Becca’s page

It has been a while since I’ve posted a Raggy doll journal page. There is a reason for that … I fell very behind!

Darcy challenged us all to pledge to finish some of our unfinished objects … uFO’s as she calls them … In January. So this is what I did yesterday!

I started with First Edition dsp and gave it a coat of gesso with the brayer. 20140109-174033.jpg

Next up a gelli print using greens and yellows … Done in two stages.

Then I decided to add some spray ink through a stencil but it didn’t really show up. Next I decided to soften it and blend it a bit so another coat of gesso brayered on.

This actually showed up some of the ink and so I added a bit more in too.

Now it was time for some stamping.
I took a ledger type stamp and repeat stamped it along the bottom using black paint. This gave it a rough image and was the sort of grounded feel I needed. Next I used the paint tube lid to stamp the circles at the top. These were to look like strange branches and leaves falling down from the forest canopy.

I also added some random text down each side to frame it.


Next I took my favourite Darcy designed stamp and stamped that on either side to hang down. Because the texture in the page was quite rough it didn’t stamp very well so I ended up going over it again in pen, and then painted the heart shares with red acrylic to make them pop!


Next I wrote out a verse from Midsummer Nights Dream on inked cream cardstock and cut it and affixed it to the page. This I have now realised is wrong with the page as I seem to have transposed the first two lines when sticking them down so will now have to see if I can peel them off and reattach without damaging the page. Boy am I gutted about this! Doh! Anyways … I will share the rest of what I did before I go and try and rescue it!

I searched for a suitable image to use to represent the fabulous play. I decided upon this Octopode image Orla the Fairie Queen and figurerd she would work as Titania if I added some wings. I have the fabulous wings stamp from Sheena Douglass which I decided would work. So I printed Orla … Now renamed as Titania for the purposes of my page … And then used Promarkers to colour her in. It has been a while since I did any such colouring and I have to admit I loved doing it and am really proud of how she turned out!


I cut her out and then stamped the wings inMidnight Muse and then coloured them with Promarkers too before cutting them out. I fitted her wings and then added her to the page. The finishing touch was to add some Diamond dazzle stickles to her flowers in her hair … And hey presto Titania in her forest.


I adhered the page to a piece of Tea for Two dsp which seemed to work with the page ready to finish off the back with a message for Becca.

So now I just need to work out how to sort out the mess I made of Shakespeare’s verse… What a silly sausage I am!

Hope Becca likes the page as much as I do … I must admit I think it may just be my favourite one yet!

Happy crafting!