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WOYWW … Week 300! 

Wowsers!  WOYWW has bee going for 300 weeks.  How cool is that?  For those who don’t know what I am on about, What’s on your workdesk Wednesday is when creative folk all around the world share their space and we get to nosey at what people are upto.  It’s all hosted by the fabulous Julia at her blog.  Go check it out! 

So I have something different to share with you today … Not my crafting space of norm… But the family room table at the end of last nights class! 

Just look at the wonderful creative mess my friends made!  

So starting top left is one of the samples I made and framed… Then to the right is Julie’s and the bottom is Alison’s pages respectively. As you can also see there were lots of baby wipes being used, some lovely stamps on display and lots of fun was had by all.

I didn’t really end up making anything last night but have also got a pic of my actual desk to share… 

Plenty of gorjuss stamping going on as I am making party gifts for the princess’ party in 12 days time.  Here is a finished one of the gifts I am making… This one for the princess herself! 

Each of the book,arks will have its own outfit and funky coloured hair.  I figure all girls like things with their names on and as there aspire some unusual spellings in the gang of girls this might be the only way to do it! 

Time for sleep now … Will be blog hopping round the desk in the morning I suspect!

Happy crafting! 


WOYWW! Crafting with my princess

I actually prepared this post a little ahead of time as I knew Wednesday I would be working during the day and at Helen’s class in the evening which I will no doubt post about later on! Plus I took this picture of me sharing my crafting space with my princess as we tackled a project together!
So without further ado the pic I grabbed of the workspace!


Hopefully amongst the chaos you can see some of the stuff going on! The princess is colouring Gorjuss stamped images she wanted to do. I on the other hand am busy preparing the birthday party bags for the princess’ birthday… Which isn’t for over four weeks but she is excited about it already!

She chose the colour scheme of the bags (blues), I designed the general idea, she did the stamping onto cardstock of butterflies and flowers, and punched them out, I sorted the stamping on the bags and adding the butterflies and flowers… See a real joint effort.

Don’t want to share the actual bags yet… They need to wait until the actual party I suspect! But I have got a finished project to share that the princess interrupted me making with a request to do the party bags instead!

I had been finishing off a project I started a few days earlier using the fab new Paperartsy stamps I had bought. Look at the fab face stamp from Clare Lloyd, and then the grasses in the background from Darcy. Also added a heart from one of Darcy’s first ever sets as I thought it worked well with the card.

I used the scraping acrylic paint across the cardstock as the start, the. Stamped the grasses. I then stamped the girl twice… Once onto the painted layer and again into fresh thin cardstock. I coloured her using watercolour pencils and a little water to blend, then fussy cut her out. As I had already stamped her I knew where to put her on the layout and also could cut off the strands of hair that were too fine to fussy cut.
Next I added the sentiment, stamped on top of the scraped paint again.

Then the heart stamped, cut out, mounted onto the green cardstock. Mounted the main panel onto the same green cardstock. Edged this panel with a black pen. Added it to a card blank.  The envelope I kept to the same theme but must admit rather than paint I used the distress stain I had got through the post that day to test it out…. Love the soft finish it gave! 

Love how I could use the two new Paperartsy sets together and how the old sets from Darcy have elements that still work together!

Looking forward to wandering round the world as part of WOYWW over at Julia’s blog. Why don’t you go check it out too? I will probably be late this
week though… Busy day ahead of me so really should be asleep right now!

Happy crafting!


Ps… Added later… Not going to post about Helen’s class tonight as not taken pics and too tired to unpack now I am home… So blog will have to wait! Fab class though and as usual lovely company with likeminded friends!

WOYWW! A gift for my class

Yes it is WOYWW again… And I actually have cleared up the mess from last week… But now can’t show my desk as working on something secret! But can share with you what the spare bed looked like yesterday before I hosted the art journalling session…


Lots of neat little piles of goodies for each of the participants including instructions, card kits from a cancelled session from September, swaps from last years atc challenge, their new journals and an atc for this sessions inspiration. The Christmas bag had some of the supplies for the class in it ready to take downstairs too!

And there was one little surprise for the gang that they weren’t expecting… I gave them each a bag to carry their journal home in (and hopefully back to the future sessions too!). I had personalised them for each participant … Keeping the same image, but changing the name. Here is one of them as an example…


I used the fabulous Swallowtail stamp and used Inktense blocks to ink up, added plenty of sprayed on water and then stamped. Then I added a bit more spray water and used a brush to ensure all the ink was activated and blended. Then I sprayed the bag directly with water before I wrote the names (in the best writing I could muster).

Although they are all similar I did add slightly different amounts of the colours for each one, so they are all unique!

Thanks for visiting.

Off to see other desks around the world courtesy of Julia’s blog … It’s fun… Why not join in?

Happy crafting!


Ps hope to actually share my desk again next week not just the spare bed!

WOYWW … First of the year

It has been a while… But I thought my desk had got to the perfect point for What’s on your work desk Wednesday…


Yes at WOYWW there is a bear all session when it comes to the state of our desks. I think at this point I was working on my lap and the spare bed because as per usual it was such a big mess! So what was going on… Well I was in the middle of two messy projects… An art journal page and the February calendar altering I am doing with Darcy… Please see my post on the 4th Jan for more of an explanation! And at the same time making a couple of commissioned golden wedding anniversary cards!


Hopefully that explains a bit as to what was going on. The project I will share with you this week is one of the anniversary cards…


How about that then?


I used the fabulous stamp Darcy designed with the trailing heart leaves as a border, stamped in Sahara Sand, then I added colour using a bit of water and a brush to add the Cherry Cobbler. I did a border on a smaller piece of cardstock too. Mounted the large piece on Cherry Cobbler cardstock. Mounted the smaller piece onto a Glimmer paper (sparkly sparkly) and added a bow using seam binding. The little sentiment topper is then using peel offs… See they can occasionally come in handy! And some added glitter in the form of stickles for the heart. I used the Curly label and the Decorative label to add some layers to this and used dimensionals on the project to help give it a boost!

Right I am off for a nosey to make me feel better/worse about the state of my desk. No idea how I managed to create something at all whilst it was like that?!?

Happy crafting!


Cataloguing my Promarkers! Just the ticket! Woyww!

Hi there … It’s WOYWW! It’s been a little while since I joined in the fun of sharing the work space … But thought I would share today! I was actually not working on the actual desk, but instead back on the table in the family room as I had children playing in the garden at the time, and needed to be downstairs! So I grabbed an easy project …

Hot on the heels of my book of elephants, my distressed butterflies and families of flowers, I next tackled the box of Promarkers! It was spurred on by the purchase of a new set of Limited Edition Promarkers on offer for £10 in Hobbycraft … For 12 Promarkers and a blender pen! Amazing value and of course just HAD to have them!

First thing I do with new pens is test them out on a sheet of whisper white as I never think the colour on the outside does them any justice! And inspired by that little sweep of colour I did I decided to dedicate a couple of hours to the joy that is coloring in!!!

So here is a little round up of activities…


1. Stamped one of the ticket stamps in That’s the Ticket stamp set a gazillion times onto strips of Whisper White.
2. Added a sweep of colour across each one, and wrote in the name and any identifying ink number on the little ticket lines.
3. punched them all out and tried to put them into colour groups. Then spent an age going through the official promarker list of colours and then adding in the Limited Edition ones where they seemed to fit (in my eyes).
4. Lined up all the punched tickets… Don’t they look fab?


5. In an A5 Sketch ring bound sketch book, I added in some pencil lines to keep them straight, and then glued them in in pairs in order.


6. As the greys page only had 6 tickets on it … I decided on a colorful piece of artwork … This is actually the front page of the sketch book so it seemed a suitable opening page. With hindsight probably would have been better at the top of the page … Ah well never mind! Used on of the Darcy Paperartsy stamps and plenty of masking to get many many colorful hearts one on top of the other!

7. As a finishing touch for each page I wanted it to have a border of some kind, so I drew some intertwining swirls to create segments in which I added the colours from the page in a graduated type effect. As I had done border in a slightly different place on each page working towards the edge of the page on the last one, I was able to cut along the border for each page, so you can see the lower pages peeping out… Here you are…





I know there are a zillion other Promarkers colours, but it have decided enough is enough for me. I don’t use them often enough to justify any more, and the box I store them in is now completely and utterly filled to the brim… There isn’t even room for the blender pen in there! But I have to say I really enjoyed making these pages, although maybe the amount of fumes from the pens was making me a little high! Ha! I love colour and I loved the therapeutic nature of doing this… And can you believe it I didn’t make one mistake! Amazing!

Anyways … Next week will take pics back at my usual crafting space… Off to nosey at other peoples desks and projects now!

Happy crafting!


WOYWW … From my hols!

Yes I am on holiday … But the joy of staying at my parents house means free wifi so can blog if I want to! And when I discovered in the bedroom where I am sleeping, the first scrapbook album I had made, I couldn’t help but want to blog about it!

I made an album for my mum’s 60th birthday using a mix of photos I found of her when she was young. Now bearing in mind this was almost 9 years ago, and I had no real understanding of what I was doing, hardly any materials or skill … I am so proud of this!

So here goes …





















Some of these pages are so different from what I would create now and almost make me cringe, but others I love their simplicity… Like the second one in grey, white and black … Simple and elegant! Not exactly what I create these days where pages are full of ‘stuff’! Would I change any if I was doing this now? Well I probably would … I would probably do this as a digi album and get it printed as a photo book if I am honest … But looking at the love that went into this simple gift makes it priceless and something I know my mum treasures. The only thing I suppose I want to change is to get some journalling done as when I made the pages I had none as it was created as a surprise present and didn’t know stories to go with the pictures… I suppose this is something I can do over the next few days is to get some journalling to go with the pages and maybe at a future point do a digi remake so I can keep them together?

Right … Using Dad’s free wifi time to go browse some other work desks via Julia’s blog

Happy crafting!


WOYWW a make for the room!

Another week has passed so it’s time to see what progress has been made on my room… These are the pics from last night … Three weeks into the great change to give me a crafting space and this is where I am upto with the bookcases that needed pixelating last week! Look tidy now … Ha ha!

Ok I confess … They aren’t really tidied … No they are all over the spare bed in the process of being “sorted”!

I have also bought these the fun cylinder basket/boxes (sorry about the dark photo!) on the top shelf of the desk, into which one has all embellishments like flowers etc and the other is stuffed full of ribbons that are not on reels.

There is a scrap page in process there … And last nights obligatory glass of wine! I really needed that last night!

And this is what I’ve made! A couple of weeks ago a visitor to the blog on WOYWW stated they were dying to put pictures on my bare walls… Well I’ve started!

I started with a notice board I’ve had in the back of the cupboard for ages which had originally been to put up in the cupboard so I could put lists on it of things to make… But I decided when I came across it whilst sorting that it could be altered a little to make a prettier notice board!


I started with a coat of white acrylic after sanding back the wood just a little … It was already pretty rough and had not been treated with varnish so it wasn’t too bad!


Next a coat of Decoart vanilla acrylic. This was brushed on quite roughly as I wanted to keep some texture in the finished work from the brush strokes.


Then I chose some scrapbook paper with this lovely weathered wood print on it, and cut it to size before mod Podge came out and adhered it to the cork.

To ground it a little more into the frame, I added some rough brushed acrylic around the edges too.

Next I rummaged through the embellishments boxes ( now in the fab cylinder boxes! ) and found lots of lovely bits and pieces, which I used mod Podge to adhere the to the two opposite corners.


Then I grabbed my distress inks and added some Wild Honey and Antique paper ink along the frame and on some flowers, and then added some pearls.

And here it is in situ…


You can also probably see the cute hooks on the back of the door in this pic too, with my Darcy Raggy doll bag hanging from it ready to put bits in for crops etc. and it also has my painting apron on it … Always need my painting apron to hand!

So off now to spy on other workspaces around the world all linked up at Julia’s blog.

Happy crafting!


WOYWW … More progress on the craft room

Last week I decided to join in on WOYWW for the first time in an age as I actually have a craft space of my own to share … So I thought this week I would share the progress I have been making!

First of all here is the bookcase in progress! Slowly all the plastic shoe boxes and random old boxes are being replaced with nice boxes and baskets… Although I have pixelated one horrifically messy shelf that is yet to be sorted. I will eventually replace the red baskets too … But for the moment they stay as I have nothing to put the stuff in!


What haven’t made it into a box yet is the massive amount of “random” stamps I have … They are currently dumped on the bed along with other random stuff to sort!

The desk hasn’t really changed from last week as such but I do have one new item for my space …


Cute but modern sewing related cushion for my chair! Isn’t it cute?

Anyways this is the progress this week. The problem with sorting the room out is I get distracted and play with things instead! Ha ha ha! Also this week got distracted by painting the bathroom too! Well you know why not start another project before you’ve finished the other??? Really do need my head examining!

Ah well… Off to play nosey at others workspaces via Julia’s blog

Happy crafting!


WOYWW … Quick make from my new desk!

I am all about my new crafting space and well and truly in love with having a space just for crafting for the first time! I’ve not completely sorted the room out … But really loving grabbing time in the room to try out the space for playing!

So here in true WOYWW fashion is my new crafting space!



The desk to the left is my main desk … Although I do rather spill over onto the designated computer desk when actually crafting!
I also have pretty much all the storage to use too! And boy do I need it! Not sure exactly where I am going to put all the bits and pieces that haven’t made it onto a shelf as yet though!

So what was my quick make today …


A piece of dsp left from a scrap page I am half way through, a little stamped banner from Language of Love, a bit of bakers twine and some candy dots! Jobs a good’un!

Right time to nosey at other work desks through WOYWW!

Happy crafting!