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WOYWW … More progress on the craft room

Last week I decided to join in on WOYWW for the first time in an age as I actually have a craft space of my own to share … So I thought this week I would share the progress I have been making!

First of all here is the bookcase in progress! Slowly all the plastic shoe boxes and random old boxes are being replaced with nice boxes and baskets… Although I have pixelated one horrifically messy shelf that is yet to be sorted. I will eventually replace the red baskets too … But for the moment they stay as I have nothing to put the stuff in!


What haven’t made it into a box yet is the massive amount of “random” stamps I have … They are currently dumped on the bed along with other random stuff to sort!

The desk hasn’t really changed from last week as such but I do have one new item for my space …


Cute but modern sewing related cushion for my chair! Isn’t it cute?

Anyways this is the progress this week. The problem with sorting the room out is I get distracted and play with things instead! Ha ha ha! Also this week got distracted by painting the bathroom too! Well you know why not start another project before you’ve finished the other??? Really do need my head examining!

Ah well… Off to play nosey at others workspaces via Julia’s blog

Happy crafting!


WOYWW … Quick make from my new desk!

I am all about my new crafting space and well and truly in love with having a space just for crafting for the first time! I’ve not completely sorted the room out … But really loving grabbing time in the room to try out the space for playing!

So here in true WOYWW fashion is my new crafting space!



The desk to the left is my main desk … Although I do rather spill over onto the designated computer desk when actually crafting!
I also have pretty much all the storage to use too! And boy do I need it! Not sure exactly where I am going to put all the bits and pieces that haven’t made it onto a shelf as yet though!

So what was my quick make today …


A piece of dsp left from a scrap page I am half way through, a little stamped banner from Language of Love, a bit of bakers twine and some candy dots! Jobs a good’un!

Right time to nosey at other work desks through WOYWW!

Happy crafting!