Ok last time I disappeared I did explain my absence… This time I haven’t had a chance. Basically life happened… All at once…. and is still happening! Unfortunately my father in law isn’t well and is currently in hospital awaiting the term ‘medically optimised’ before they can assess him for discharge. Then it will be […]

Icad round up… week 6!

Yes another week in the icad challenge…. and it’s been quite a stressful few days and at the beginning of the week my arting was struggling. But it picked back up towards the end.  Here are the weels cards all together.   Particularly pleased with the surfboard one and the longitude and latitude creations. Happy […]

ICAD Week 5

Yes another week of ICAD and I’m still managing to keep up with the daily art challenge. Loved some of these very different cards I created this week. Some of the prompts were a little more challenging … for example statue of liberty I had to do some research on as I’d already ended up […]

ICAD round up week one

So whilst I have not really been able to get in the craft room I have still been creating… following #ICAD2016.  So here are the first weeks cards… using the lovely #projectlifeapp to put it all together. Particularly loved the snoopy and the typewriter cards but mainly just been loving grabbing a daily moment to […]

ICAD 2016 … warm up time

I’ve decided to play along with Index card a day challenge.  I’m not sure I intend to do all of them, but the ones that appeal I will do. The challenge runs 1st June to 31st July for 61 days with the idea of creating on an index card every day.  There are some […]